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New Pedals: 2003 Shimano, Look 396/ posts)

New Pedals: 2003 Shimano, Look 396/Totalcycling.comgrande
May 19, 2003 7:47 PM has a deal for $163: Sidi Energy shoes + Look 396 Pedals. Looks fine for me. I just bought a road bike after 7 years on a MTB bike. (i've been using my mtn shoes and pedals). I had planned to get the energy shoes from them -$139 alone so its basically a stinkin $24 for the pedals which sounds great to me except that in the reviews I read a common complaint of noise-grinding & sweaking. Whatever. They're $24 I say. Then I saw at least 3 reviewers complain of pedals falling from their splidles. That type of stuff makes me want to not cheap out.

For $82 I can get the 2003 Ultegra pedals which only have a few reviews from what looks like folks who are also on their first pedal and/or MTB crossovers.

So what gives. Does anyone have a good review of the 2003 shimano pedals. It looks to me like it is quite fashionable to dump on shimano on this site. But the fact is, I'm just a lame white boy and rec road rider looking for good value, good workin no hasle pedals. Any good advice?

re: New Pedals: 2003 Shimano, Look 396/Totalcycling.commorkm
May 20, 2003 1:08 AM
Totalcycling is the way to go for pedals...i ordered a pair of 396's ($65) for myself and a pair of Sidi shoes ($109) before I saw the deal you're talking about. I'm about to order another pair of the pedals b/c of some slight crash damage on one pedal (doesn't effect performance) and really because this price is just too good to pass up...i'll probably order another pair of shoes, as well...won't go for the Energy deal simply b/c I need 44.5 and the Energy deal is only for 44 or for 45.

All that said, I am perfectly happy with my LOOKs. I get some squeek every now and then, but suggestions from this site (lube with furniture polish, spray on light coat of silicon and wipe off, sand down dark spots on cleat, etc) have taken care of most noises and you can always replace the cleats when they wear down for around $15.

I really really really like LOOKs and highly recommend Totalcycling. I have done 4 shipments with them (for pedals and shoes, for jerseys, for another batch of jerseys and for pedals for the g/f's bike) and have been very pleased with the price and with how quickly the orders have arrived...all but one arrived within 3 days of order, even over the weekend.
New Shimmano pedals work great!the bull
May 20, 2003 3:20 AM
I just got them so I will wait for them to wearout brfore I put in a review.I like them alot.The look pedals with the shoes are a good deal!Thats the way I would go if I where you!
re: New Pedals: 2003 Shimano, Look 396/Totalcycling.compa rider
May 20, 2003 3:22 AM
It's a great deal Grande. I bought my 396 look's from my one lbs and paid too much ($120 for shoes and $125 for pedals). I have the same problem with these looks as any look pedal. The cleat squeaking as momde mention above. All you have to do is keep after them and clean the dirt off. I'm stuck walking through this wet grass we have now.

As for the reviewers saying the pedal creaking doesn't really exist. I put grease on the spindle and never had any creak noise. The 0 to 9 degree float makes it a great pedal. I wished I waited a week and picked up the pedals on sale, but my lbs setup my cleats pefect the first time (worth the extra money for me since I always set cleats wrong on shoes).

I wouldn't think twice about buying the 396 again. I think I read somewhere that the A-5 model replaced the 396 for this year. That's why there so cheap now compared to last year $199 price.

re: New Pedals: 2003 Shimano, Look 396/Totalcycling.comHorace Greeley
May 20, 2003 7:49 AM
Mine definitely have the squeak, but its usually after I take a pit stop and step into some gravel or other stuff when taking a break. If you keep the lubed as described by other posters, and take a quick squirt with your water bottle in the cleat area if you step into dirt/gravel (just make sure its not Gatorade, Cytomax or another stick substance), you'll be fine. You also can't beat the price. Totalcycling is very good to deal with.

As for breaking spindles, I don't think this is an everyday problem with the 396's. Not sure what those reviewers weighed or what type of torque they are putting on their pedals. Like any product, you may have a defect now and then. If it was a real problem, you would've heard about it already. The 396's have been around for awhile now.