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Fitness Problem, Any Docs out there?(3 posts)

Fitness Problem, Any Docs out there?QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
May 19, 2003 7:03 PM
Alright, so for the past 6 months, at least i haven't been on my bike. I was training during the winter until i overtrained a little, got tired and decided to stay off fora while. Since then i haven't been able to ride at any sort of level as before. So i thought it would pass, but here i am, a couple of days ago i go out for a lousy 20 min ride. I felt tired at the end, just like crap. My arms started to feel light and i couldn't pedal right anymore, it was just off, not at all circular. Afterwards i felt like i've been on the bike for two hours. I have no recovery at all, stays the same for a couple days. I went today and the exact same thing. Anybody know whats going on? I saw a regular doctor, he did a standard check up and said nothing is wrong healthwise. Still, its been 6 months! Thanks for your response!
You might want to...Matno
May 19, 2003 8:39 PM
...get a more serious blood work-up. There are all kinds of things that could cause fatigue like that that might show up with some more targeted lab work. Could be anything from serious to easily curable.

Also, have any of your habits changed? Particularly eating and/or sleeping patterns? I know that seems kind of a dumb question, but sometimes little things get overlooked...

Good luck. I hope you get back into it soon!
One (remote) possibility...Silverback
May 20, 2003 8:20 AM
As Matno said, there are dozens of things that could cause those symptoms. If it were me, I'd probably just start slow and try to increase...but what you SHOULD do is get another physical.
Until about 10 years ago, I was a serious runner, doing at least 50 miles per week. Loved it, felt great, was in terrific shape for mid-40s.
Then I started having weird feelings, similar to yours. After denying it for six months, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, a fairly benign type of irregular heartbeat. It's hereditary in my case, and chronic, but if it's caught early it can often be converted back to normal rhythm.
I can still do everything I want, but my 10-mile time went from about 60 minutes to 80-90, which was so frustrating I became a cyclist. I'm still slow, but I don't have any times to compare it to...Anyway, get a good physical.