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Jersey alterations?(3 posts)

Jersey alterations?PseuZQ
May 19, 2003 1:36 PM
Anyone here ever get their jerseys altered? I've got a couple that are too big now that I don't really want to trash. Another hard-to-replace one has one of those wussy short zippers that isn't long enough to air my heaving bosoms when I climb.

Worth it to take them to a tailor? Anyone have an idea of the cost?
Can't help with the "heaving bosom" however....serbski
May 19, 2003 3:44 PM
...I have had an Assos jersey altered as I was loath to let such a ridiculously priced garment go unused in my drawer! I bought it (mail order) a bit big so it would not constrict in the shoulders but eventually found it too baggy, esp. when stuffing things in the back pockets. So I risked it and took it to the nice lady who does my "regular" alterations; I made sure to put the jersey on and then had her pin the sides so that it would be taken in and fit just right and this was mostly done with hand gestures as my korean language skills are non-existent. I bent over, twisted, moved my arms around etc. to test the final "pinning" and then let her do her magic. I believe I paid the standard $10-12 as with any dress shirt and it came out great and I now have a very comfortable jersey with size L shoulders and and size M everything else though the arms are a bit loose. I got lucky with the Assos as the seams are placed so that alterations did not mess with the "line" of the jersey and it has no printing etc. so that was not a worry when taking in the fabric. I think that you should take a chance (explaining/showing very clearly to the alteration person the use/desired fit of said jersey prior to diving in) and get the stuff altered as otherwise it will never get worn and this stuff is just too pricey to let it molder in a drawer. Good luck. BTW, they could probably add a full-length zipper though it would probably be more costly and would not be as technical/neato as the original.
Additional comments to Serbski'scoonass
May 19, 2003 4:19 PM
1) Look in the Yellow Pages for "Alterations".
2) Before taking the jersey for alterations, pin the jersey with safety-pins and adjust them to satisfy the way you want the jersey to fit.
3) Be sure to tell the seamstress that you want an INVISIBLE zipper, which is different than the std. zipper.
(communications are very important before the changes occur)
I would guess that it should be ~$20-$25, even if you want a full-length zipper, but ask the seamstress.