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What happens in a sprint(4 posts)

What happens in a sprintrussw19
May 19, 2003 1:14 PM
I won't spoil the results for anyone here, but a few weeks ago there were a couple discussions as to just what goes on in a pro level sprint, and how physical is sprinting in the sport. Well today's Giro stage coverage the arial camera caught it all perfectly. Today's stage was a perfect example of how fast and physical a top sprint is. It showed exactly how much work goes into finding the right wheel, getting on it, and staying on it. It showed just how much contact goes on in a top level sprint and was a prime example of why I think top sprinters are the real gods of the sport. If anyone didn't see it, tape the Giro coverage tonight. Watch the last 5 minutes of the race and see just what really happens inside the last 3 kilos of a race.

Hat's off to RAI TV! That was an amazing camera shot of the final 3,000 meters today. That one will be in my tape archive for a long time to come, not really because of the result, but for the fantastic view of what lead to the result. Amazing sprint today... hope everyone gets to see it. It's an eye-opener.

re: I second that...teoteoteo
May 19, 2003 1:38 PM
Don't miss the coverage. Being the son of a Helicopter pilot I have to say hats off to the vantage point given this morning. Dad has done some bike racing coverage before (HHH) as well as some other sports and getting that shot right takes a good amount of work.....
re: I'll 3rd thattorquecal
May 19, 2003 5:11 PM
Just watched it on OLN - WOW you were right!! That's some awesome camera and pilot work. That couple of minutes of footage is really interesting.
Yep. That was awesome.AllUpHill
May 19, 2003 8:07 PM
I don't know much about piloting and filming, but that high speed show of aggression and tactic was a delight. Much more enlightening than the typical, and pointless front-on footage of a sprint.

The only better angle I can think of, and one which we will seldom see, is a side-on shot taken from a moto pacing along side the contenders as the sprint takes place. If you have seen the Eddy Merckx film "La Course en Tete," you can't forget this thrilling angle of Merckx finishing 4th to Gimondi et al. at the 1960-something Worlds.