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It's amazing how much of a difference some things make...(2 posts)

It's amazing how much of a difference some things make...Matno
May 18, 2003 4:39 AM
Thursday, I rode a 36 mile ride with my riding buddies. Lots of ups and downs, but nothing huge. I got killed. Even drafting with three other guys, I had a very hard time keeping up and my legs were killing me afterwards. Funny thing is, I felt good at the start of the ride.

So yesterday, I went and did the same ride by myself. I was still sore from Thursday and there was a headwind about 3/4 of the time. I felt okay, but definitely slower. So I get home thinking I did terribly and it turns out that my average speed was only .3 mph slower! I guess it goes to show that it can be a lot harder to keep up with people who have different riding styles. My buddies like to push on climbs, I'm still a wimp on climbs, but I like to go fast on the downhills. Trying to keep up with them always makes me bonk, whereas going my own pace is usually much easier overall, even if I'm going just as fast (although I feel like I'm going slower). Weird.
I have felt your painPaulCL
May 18, 2003 5:29 AM
Last weekend on a rainy century ride, I rode with three friends plus a couple of racers on a tandem. I had no problems staying with them on the flats or the rolling hills, but they lost me a couple of time on the downhills. Go figure?

When the tandem pulled and they hit the crest of a hill, they would punch it from, let's say 15mph, to 30mph in what seemed an instant. When I was on the tail, I always got blown out the back. Once, near the 50 mile mark (lunch), I just said to hell with it and didn't try to catch them. Trying to catch a group flying at 27+ when you're a 100 feet back just plain sucks. Once we got thru the hilly section, I was OK.

It was just a difference in riding styles. This wasn't a race, so I wasn't too concerned about maintaining a speed. They were. On a century, I like to take it easy and relax on downhills, not hammer. It took a lot of the fun out of the ride...if riding in torrential downpours for 4+ hours can ever be called fun...