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What age did you start?(4 posts)

What age did you start?stinkfoot247
May 17, 2003 8:36 PM
this excludes tricycles and training wheels.
How about what age were you when you bought your first pair of kit, "panties" as my relatives like to call them. And what got you into the sport.

me: 16, just looking for a commuter bike, when dude hooked me up with a real good deal on my first road bike, which was heaven on the road compared to a mt bike. I rode 30 miles to my friends house to brag to them about my bike. It seems as though bikes just aren't as cool as cars when your my age...
re: Started racing at 14Hereford Flyer
May 17, 2003 10:46 PM
Got my first real racer for Christamas 1979 - was a Carlton Criterium with 12 speed Suntour VX gears. Joined the local cycling club (Southport RCC) - after watching a couple of schoolboy races in March 1980.
Did my first race in June 1980, a schoolboy crit at Wavertree Park in Liverpool, managed to finish in the bunch. Rode out to the race and back (15 miles each way)- only made it halway home as I was so tired after the race, had to phone my mum to come and rescue me.
re: What age did you start?Juanmoretime
May 18, 2003 3:15 AM
I went from Schwinn Continental to a Bob Jackson in 1974, age 17. I will I still havd that bike.
Actually Pretty young 1986 or so!the bull
May 18, 2003 4:37 AM
All I wanted for Christmas was a Trek 560! Black with red letters and had the special presta valve tires! I used to ride BMX bikes all over the place! I remember Greg LeMond had won the Tour. My dad got me into cycling! He Would ride tours around France I thought that was cool! I got his old bikes and rode those once they fit me
a Motobecane and a Dawes "hand built" they had cheaper componets but still worked good! Suntour and "Custom" (I think)!
Then Mountian bikes started getting big The perfect thing to get into at my young age! Nothing Like wearing your body out on a rigid bike! When the Manitou came out I said,"what a gimmick you'll never see me on one of those"! I never did get one of those! They were like riding a pogo stick! I did go to a shock in 95 after awhile thought it felt much better than the first ones! Same with the FS bikes swore I would never have one so uneffecient! Now I crusie a Ellsworth Truth! When your 30 it feels like a rigid bike did when I was 17!