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And Down the Stretch They come.....(4 posts)

And Down the Stretch They come.....4bykn
May 15, 2003 12:41 PM
Last night after work I went out for one of my 25 mile loops around the lake, it's a good distance for a weekday ride. The lake is directly north of me and the wind is out of the south at about 15-20mph, so I know I've got my work cut out for me. I make the north end of my ride and start the headwind half of my ride when I see an opponent, you know how when riding you see another, you just gotta chase 'em down. Well this time I was the "chasee" not the chaser. 9.5 miles from home in a straight line(mostly), headwind, and a challenger. My worthy opponent was a half mile or so behind me but closing steadily. Unsure of gender at this point, so I just thought of it as "him." "He" kept a dead-steady pace, slowly gaining on the flats, really reeling me in on the uphills, but I'd pull away a little on the downhills. Went through a small town and the bastard blew through the two stopsigns I had stopped(almost, anyway) for. Damned if I'm going to give up now, only 5.5 miles to town and a couple hundred yards ahead of "him". Hanging in the big ring when I'd usually be in the small for the combined headwinds and uphills. Down to one last hill, I gave it my all, out of the saddle, quads on fire, and I can hear "him" now. Just about to the edge of town is a stoplight turning yellow so I slow to stop when "he" blows past me finally.

Final result: the rainstorm wins by a drop.

Don't know whats different this year, but I'm really enjoying riding more than I have in years. Riding the last 4 blocks in the rain was a hoot.
re: And Down the Stretch They come.....Dave Hickey
May 15, 2003 12:46 PM
I'm with you 4bykn. Nothing gets my legs going like the threat of rain. Like you, I'm having more fun this year. I rode 230 miles last week. It's not MB1 miles but it's a personal best.
Brings back fond memories...dzrider
May 15, 2003 1:06 PM
I onced raced a storm across the causeway coming back to the Florida mainland from Key Largo. As the storm closed the tailwind was overpowering. Even with panniers I spun out the 52x14. I reached the end of the causeway as the thunder and lightning got close, and the the first 10 seconds of rain soaked me like I'd ridden into the Atlantic.
Memories for me as well...Brooks
May 15, 2003 2:47 PM
When I was in grad school (and having taken up racing) a buddy and I were out for a long training ride. We get about 25 miles out, around the north end of some mountains and look to the south. Ooooh, bad news a-brewin'. Big nasty, summer thunderheads darkening the skies. Immediate U-turn and hightail it back. The cross winds really started pushing at us as the storm got closer. I think we got about a mile from town when the first rain hit us. I just got into my apartment right as Noah's deluge started. Flipped on the Weather Channel as a Flash Flood bulletin scrolls across the screen. Yep, for the county we were riding in! Safe, and mostly dry.