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Minneapolis riders heads up(2 posts)

Minneapolis riders heads upgs6769
May 15, 2003 3:55 AM
You're probably aware of this already, though I didn't find a post regarding it in the archives. That said, the following is exerpted from a post on the Minnesota Cycling Federation bulletin board. Straight from the victim. Be...freakin'....careful.....'K?

Exerpt begins:

At 6:15 PM on Friday May 9th, I was assaulted by four "youths" on the Cedar Lake Trail near Glenwood/12th St. I was knocked off my bike as I rode past them, surrounded and beaten up pretty thoroughly. Four kids in their mid-teens (I think) can pack quite a wallop, it turns out. They made a half-hearted attempt to take my bike, but left the scene when they saw someone coming. At least I think that's why they left.

Fortunately I was wearing a helmet which is now cracked and broken, but absorbed much of the impacts. I ended up with bruises on my head, a broken-off tooth, bruises on my back and kidney. I was able to straighten out my saddle and bars and ride to the 1st Precinct to report the assault, then rode to the Fairview-Riverside ER for evaluation. No real damage seems to have been done other than my tooth and maybe a second tooth, too.

Normally my only safety concern when riding is some bozo in an SUV with a cell phone in one hand and a latte in the other. In the hundreds of times I've ridden that trail for fun or to get to work, I've never had a problem other than broken glass. I've never thought about 4 normal looking kids as potential assailants in the hundreds of times I've ridden on that trail- but I will now. I wanted to alert everyone who reads this board to be aware of this incident and to keep your eyes peeled. Be careful out there!
That's messed up-filtersweep
May 15, 2003 5:04 AM
It is, however, near the homeless shelters, and all sorts of chronic inebriates tend to congregate "down there"- not that it has anything to do with that rider's experience.

Those trails are getting out of control as more people discover them- there are all sorts of unsupervised kids probably between the age of 6-10 on the Greenway toward the east end who are just "learning how to ride" on training wheels. On the Cedar Lake, it seems people think it is a dog park, and leashes are becoming the exception. The rest of the trail systen is just getting too congested... and now this?!

I miss the days when it was the best kept secret in Mpls. It is pretty messed up considering they are MUTs "done right" with all the separate lanes...