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Pinarello Experts/Owners. I need your help.(9 posts)

Pinarello Experts/Owners. I need your help.elviento
May 14, 2003 2:48 PM
I am confused about pinarello's sizing, since their claimed center to center measurement seems to come out not exactly to the center of the toptube. So if you have a recent pinarello frame, can you give the official size and the actual measurement from center of BB to the top of SEATTUBE? I just find measurement to the very top of seattube a more reliable measurement... My friend's so called 55cm Prince measures 58cm to the seattube collar.

Thanks for the input.
re: Pinarello Experts/Owners. I need your help.Ron L
May 14, 2003 5:21 PM
I have a bite of a talk with the distributor everyear about this very thing. My last talk was just four days ago.
OK, here's the deal with the sizing thing.
If you take a newer Pinarello Frameset at least within the last five years and measure the top tube cenetr-to-center.
Lets say you come up with 54.3centimeters. Now, go to the book or website and find that 54.3cm top tube. You'll find the seat tube measurement just to the left is 53 centimeters (that is what's in the book).
Go back and measure the seat tube on that same frame. You'll get 53 centimeters from the center of bb to top of the top tube.
This holds true for Prince, Opera pre 2k3, Galileo, Surprise, and the current Prince SL, Prince,Opera for 2k3.
I was hold by the distributor that the frames where set to be built center to center then at some point they drop the top tube to keep more of a classic style.
I just call it a misprint and the c/c is really c/t (t being top of top tube).
I check every frame that comes to the shop.
If your friend ordered a 55cm pre the book it will measure 55 to the top of the top tube with a 55cm top tube length.

The frames ride great. I just built my third Prince, road the Opera for 9 months loved the Paris and waiting for the Opera Leonardo.

Ron L
Ron is right on.tmguy
May 14, 2003 5:51 PM
My 2K2 Opera is c/c 53 and c/t 54 and the official size is 54. The best way to confirm is to check the top tube, which for the 54 is a 54.7.
I was confused as heck on what size was shipped to me and GVH set me straight. The web site is just plain wrong in stating sizes as c to c on the seat tube. Other than that as Ron states the bikes ride great.

My Opera is music on the road!
Thanks, Ron. That's very helpful indeed.elviento
May 14, 2003 6:52 PM
My friend's 55 bike is fine. I ordered a 52, but a 53 was delivered, which measures 52 c-c, but has a 54.3 toptube. By my measurement, it doesn't seem quite c-t either. It's more like between c-c and c-t.

So how do I get in touch with that distributor so I can return the new Prince frame I just bought and get the dealer to suck up the shipping costs?
I've just ordered...trout_bum
May 14, 2003 6:58 PM
a 56/56 2003 Galileo from my lbs-should be in this week. So if I'm understanding you correctly it will actually measure 55 C-C with a 56 TT? I don't know if my dealer was aware of this when he fit kitted me-I don't know how many Pinarello's he sells. Do you happen to know the headtube length, standover and total seatube length (BB center to top of collar) for a 56 Gaileo. Hopefully size will work out perfectly as I will be racing this and I don't want too much bike under me.
re: Pinarello Experts/Owners. I need your help.anzoni
May 15, 2003 1:37 AM
My 03' Marvel 52 cm c-c is 52 cm c-c measured. So they should be quite accurate. I had a 54 cm Trek before and they are comparable I think (a little slope in the Trek perhaps. I'm 169/170 cm tall. Toptube is 53,5-54 cm rougly measured.
Wrong (at least in my case)RJF
May 15, 2003 7:07 AM
I bought a Surprise in January. I went through the same "how the hell to they measure it" thing too. Different people told me different things. I had one guy tell me "I've sold 50 this year and measured every one and they are all C-T" and another tell me "I sell tons of those bikes and anyone who says they are measured C-T doesn't know what they are talking about."

They were both wrong. The actual C-C measurement on a Pinarello is really just a couple mm less than claimed.

My Surprise is a size 56. The seat tube measures just a tad under 56 c-c. It is about 57 c-t (the top tube twists so that it is wider side to side and narrower top to bottom where it meets the seat tube, if that makes sense; if the tube was completely round it would be 56 C-C exactly). I don't have it in the office so I can't measure it now. But I know for a fact that it is NOT 56 c-t, or even close, because that was the first thing I measured before building the bike up.

No way is the Surprise sized c-t.
Official conclusion hereelviento
May 15, 2003 7:28 AM
Just called Gitabike today (Pina's main US distributor) and here it goes:

Toptube has been dropped slightly to compensate for the oversize tubes so that the standover is the same as a traditional skinny tube in that size, and an official size 53 measures roughly 52 c-c and 54 c-t.

This is for Prince only, different models have different tubing so this may not apply.
Wouldn't it be niceRon L
May 15, 2003 9:29 AM
if the information you're given reflects the what you get when you measure the frame.
If the info shows 52cm cc, then one should be able to pick up a tape and get 52cc.
This is not the fault of Gita Bike. It's just the way the manufacture likes to do it.

Just the same, you'll love the ride.