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Grinding down Allen Wrenches - How and How often?(6 posts)

Grinding down Allen Wrenches - How and How often?Fez
May 14, 2003 10:14 AM
For those of you who have invested good money in a complete set of T-handle allen wrenches, how do you grind the tip down to get a fresh edge?

Do you use a hacksaw to cut it, or do you just go to a power grinder and take a millimeter off or so?

How often do you do it?

I find the 4mm gets used the most and is more susceptible to getting "rounded" and of course, they do not sell any of these separately (the good T-handles are always sold as a complete set).
as neededDougSloan
May 14, 2003 10:18 AM
I do it on a grinder, as needed. I do this more with the sockets than t handles, as I use them with a short handle ratchet most of the time.

I have a bud thatcoonass
May 14, 2003 3:09 PM
buys Craftsman tools (Sears).....if they wear out, he just returns the item for new....or better still, have you considered the sets with ball-hex ends?
Cold grinding..GregR
May 14, 2003 4:33 PM
You will have to grind them down, but you should avoid getting the end hot (keep it cool!). Heat will destroy the hardening of the metal, thus making it easier to round off again.

Its sort of like a double edge sword...

Unh, never?Kerry
May 14, 2003 5:32 PM
I have a Campy 6mm T-wrench and 5 mm allen that have been in constant use for 35 years, and they have not worn a bit. Perhaps it is the quality of tools that is the problem?
May 15, 2003 5:50 AM
I have some Blue Point T-handle allens from Snap-On and I've never had to cut the tips or grind them. They've been in my possesion for about 10+ years.

You want quality tools? Check out the allens and other tools at I use them on my radio controlled race vehicles. I've NEVER seen quality like Hudy tools...Ever. The tips are made from spring steel and are replaceable. You will not round off one of their allens. Hex fasteners that were previously stripped by other wrenches were easily removed by Hudy allens. They're that tight of a fit.