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How easy is it to switch the front brake to the right hand ?(3 posts)

How easy is it to switch the front brake to the right hand ?Steve Young
May 14, 2003 6:57 AM
I'm going to go and discuss this with the LBS at the weekend but wanted to collect some opinions here before I did so.

I bought a Bianchi Talladega on close out about 10 days ago. I've ridden it most days since then and am really pleased with it (It's nice to ride a road bike again after years or mountain biking :)

However there is one problem with it that I need to resolve. I bought the bike in the U.S. (I'm English living in California). The consequence of this is that the brake levers are the opposite way round to what I am used to. i.e. I am used to the right brake lever operating the front brake.

My mountain bike is set up the "English" way and I want to convert my roadbike to the same system before I kill myself !

Having had a quick look at the way the (ultegra) levers are set up it seems like simply switching the cables would result in an excessive bend in the brake cable from the right hand lever down to the front caliper (Which has the brake attachment on the right hand side).

Does anyone have any experience of this. Is it simply a matter of switching the cable connections at the caliper and retaping the handlerbasrs or do I need to get a different front caliper (one with the cable attachment on the left hand side) - does such a thing exist?

Thanks in advance,

May 14, 2003 7:03 AM
You can definitely re-cable it so that the front is controlled by the right side - you may need to give the cable housing a little more "slack" than normal to prevent an extreme bend. It probably isn't likely that you could do it without getting new housings and cables. If you purchased the bike within the last week or two, I'd bring it back to the shop and ask them to do it, I'd be surprised if they charged you much of anything.
Switch cables...rewrap bars...biknben
May 14, 2003 7:16 AM
As you suspect, you may end up with a tight turn of the houseing to get to the caliper. A possible solution is to run the houseing out of the wrap midway across the bar top. The housing can come out but the wrap can continue towards the stem as usual.

I have seen this done on bikes with clip-on aero bars when the aero bar clamps at the stem interfere with the normal cable routing. The wrap looks normal but the housing comes out a couple inches early rather than at the end.

Hope that makes sense.