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Felt Speed Bike or Trek 7500 riders out there?(3 posts)

Felt Speed Bike or Trek 7500 riders out there?DoothaBartman
May 13, 2003 12:15 PM
I'm looking for a bike for my girlfriend, and don't want to plunge her into the deep end with an all-out road bike. Road bikes can sometimes feel like the wheels are razor blade thin and you're riding on ice, and with her lack of experience I'm afraid a road bike would scare her too much too soon before she could get used to riding. I'm thinking of a hybrid for her, she's sat on some road bikes and doesn't like their stretched out feel or the seat being where it needs to be.

I came across a bunch of reviews for a Trek 750FX on this site and everyone seemed to love the ride. This years model is refered to as the 7500. It seems to be the best mix between a road bike and a hybrid, gaining the upright seating position without getting a clunky fork and suspension seatpost making the bike weigh a ton. It can take wider tires as well, giving the stability and surefooted feeling I think she'd be more comfortable with, and when she felt up to riding more miles we could put 23mm tires on it.

A bike shop near us sells Felt bikes. They have what appears to be a cross between a road and a mountain bike, it looks almost identical to a road bike except for the flat bar, having what seems to be only slightly less than road bike geometry. It comes with 28mm tires on it, and I think it can take up to 32's.

I'm thinking the Felt would be better in the long run cause it's closer to a road bike. Hopefully she'll like riding and we can build up to real road rides. I think the Trek would hold her back just because it has a more upright riding position than the felt.

What I want to know from people here is if they've had any experience with either. Mainly if the Felt with the flat bar provides enough of a upright sitting position to distinguish if from the feel of a road bike.

We're going to look at the Felt tomorrow, so we might know more after that, but I'm still interested in knowing if anyone has any long term use out of either.

Another possibilityTNSquared
May 13, 2003 1:06 PM
It's been awhile, but I seem to remember the 2003 Trek catalog showing that the 1000 road bike model could be set up with drop or flat bars, and also is available in the WSD (woman specific design) geometry.

If you went this route with the flat bar, then it would be easy enough to change it out for a drop bar when/if your girlfriend decides she is ready. Not sure what tire size it would accept, but I'm guessing up to 28mm.
Trek 7500FX is a great bike!Qubeley
May 13, 2003 5:50 PM
I had one myself. It's light, fast and comfortable.
Note that 7500 and 7500FX are not the same model, both are being offered this year. 7500 is a real hybrid, with front suspension, and suspension seatpost. 7500FX is what Trek call a fitness bike: no suspension, more MTB like geomentry.
For about the same money, I would get the 7500FX over Trek 1000 with flatbar. If you compare the components of the two bike, the 7500FX has much better component than the 1000. Example: 7500FX has Nexave crank/BB with hollow crank design and splined BB, sort of in the same league with 105; Wheelset: 7500Fx has Bontrager Select wheelset, nice entry level racing wheel, beat the OEM laced wheel of 1000. List goes on..If you really want to go fast, you can even mount 700x23c wheels on them.
You GF will love the bike, I know because I loved mine.