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Tahoe Gator ... Dream Cross:(5 posts)

Tahoe Gator ... Dream Cross:lonefrontranger
May 12, 2003 8:32 PM
I do indeed have a Colnago Dream Cross cyclocross bike. I dressed it all up in Centaur 10. It compliments my Record 10 Dream roadie beautifully, and serves as my beater, trails, commuter, rain, 70-mile-climbing-days-on-dirt-Forest-Service-roads and townie bike (unless I don't want to bother carrying a lock, in which case I take the Mongoose BMXer).

The Dream Cross is a beefed-up version of the Dream Plus; fluted (Master profile) Airplane Columbus Al tubing, internal frame gussets and straight blade steel fork. It is a straight-up race design 'crosser, meaning it doesn't have rack mounts or bottle bosses, but I carry a Camelbak on trails, a messenger bag or backpack to commute with, and find that clip-on fenders work just dandy in the ugly stuff, of which we've had an astonishing amount here in Colorado lately (10" of snow on Friday night in fact).

The common complaint the U.S. funhogs have about these bikes is you can't fit 40mm fats in. I say to hell with 'em, you don't (or shouldn't) ride a 'cross bike with the intent to fit huge meats on it - I'm just old-skool enough to insist that the intent of a 'cross bike is to teach you the fine and noble art of handling skinnies in the gooey stuff. FWIW the cross men on Rabobank go quite fast enough on 28-30mm tubies and they never seem to have clearance or handling issues. If you're riding North Beach style crap, go do it on one of those idiotic waterbeds with wheels and forget the 'crossie. Or better yet, get a cheap hardtail, it'll handle the commuting, curbs, rock dropoffs and logs much better and save your back and wallet in the bargain. But if you're looking for a sweet-riding all-rounder for mellow trails, fire roads and park singletrack, want a single bike that can go from trail to commute to the odd group ride and even road race (wearing street slicks, natch), this is your rig. The 'nag is the hands-down best cyclocross bike I've ever ridden. It has that wonderful 'nag handling that I can only describe as telepathic. It's a bit slower and more stately in the turns than my Dream roadie, but that's the point, isn't it?

The pic (ahem) says it all. Maestro-uk sells them quite reasonably; he doesn't have pics of one on his site but he does list the Dream Cross on his price list and he will order any size or color direct from Italy. If you prefer the LBS angle for service issues, you can order one through many local dealers in the U.S., tho as I mentioned you'll pay a premium. The steel Precisa fork rides quite nicely and survived an unplanned trip over some pretty stout waterbars with admirable aplomb (both bike and pilot lived to tell the tale).
re: Tahoe Gator ... Dream Cross:rbb
May 13, 2003 4:15 AM
very sweet lookin'! What kind of tires are those? I hear you on the ultra-wide cross tires! Again, it looks like a killer ride and hope you enjoy it. Take care
30mm Kenda Kwickslonefrontranger
May 13, 2003 5:28 AM
Thanks Bob, I think he's a pretty handsome bike, too. Love 'em or hate 'em, one thing you can say about Colnago paint jobs, they definitely evoke strong responses from everyone. I don't care because the first week I had this bike both Christian Vandevelde (U.S. Postal) and Andy Hampsten went ga-ga for it. My trails buddy calls the 'crossie my "dude magnet", because everytime she and I go ride offroad, the dudes are checking it out.

I've pretty much always used the Kenda Kwicks, they're a great all-around tire with just the right type of tread for all but the worst sludge. Fast and cheap, heh, heh... what more could a girl ask?
30mm Kenda Kwicksrbb
May 13, 2003 6:07 AM
would you mind posting some more pics of it, if you have them?? I think I'm addicted to Colnago's, even though I do not own one, yet!! What's the link to maestro anyway, I do not remember it and searches aren't turning up anything? Did you have any difficulties from ordering overseas? How do you like the centaur group? They seem to be a real bargain! thanks and take care!
I'll see if I can scare up some old picslonefrontranger
May 13, 2003 5:36 PM
About 6 months ago I did a couple of long ride reports that had numerous pics of the bike and local open space; they were posted on the cyclocross board with cross-links to General.

I lost a fair amount of stuff in a hard drive meltdown a month or two ago. We had backups, but I'll have to dig for the photos as they were not a high priority.

Maestro: Click on the "Enter Shop", then "Price List" links, and you'll see the Dream Cross listed. I had no difficulties whatsoever ordering overseas; in fact it was far less headache and far faster than dealing with the U.S. distributor, who is, dare I say it, a total wanker.

I really dig the Centaur group. I can't tell much difference from the Record on my Dream roadie or the Chorus on my Morgul Bismark TT bike; they all shift well and the Centaur is holding up with dignity after a year and a half of constant abuse and loving neglect (hey, it's a 'cross bike!) in conditions I'm thinking Tullio really didn't intend it for. I see a fair number of economy minded racers locally who have switched to Centaur in favor of Ultegra or 105. I've always insisted that Daytona / Centaur is the equivalent of Ultegra, Chorus is equivalent to Dura Ace, and Record is simply in a class by itself and can be given the pass if you don't want to bother with the spendy cosmetics and gram-counter bits. I think the Centaur level is the best value for the money. Just find a wrench who doesn't have Campagphobia, as many MTB and recreational shop wrenches in the U.S. now do. I find many will trash the groups out of simple lack of experience with them - they don't know it, hence they fear what they do not know.