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frames with rohloff speedhub specific dropouts(2 posts)

frames with rohloff speedhub specific dropoutsreklar
May 12, 2003 6:18 PM
What companies make road frames with rohloff specific dropouts? Other than weight does anyone see any disadvantage to going to this setup for a touring bike?
re: frames with rohloff speedhub specific dropoutsphatlizard
May 13, 2003 1:08 AM
So far I think that is only custom builders.
The Rohloff website has a list of companies that use the dropouts on their bikes!
At least on the German site - not sure if the US-site has that as well!
Pretty much no disadvantage left over - and after riding it for a while I'd say that the weight issue is overrated as long as you don't want to win a road-race or try to bunny-hop all day with your bike!
Go to and go to the 29inch wheel forum - lots of those guys (me included) use a Rohloff and they can tell you a lot about it ... ! Or search older threats there.
In my eyes it is perfect for touring bikes! I had some not so good experiences with the first versions they did build so for three years I refused to use it - now I am happy I tried it again!