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Help with Reynolds integrated fork(3 posts)

Help with Reynolds integrated forkJohnIV
May 12, 2003 1:08 PM
Has anyone bought the Reynolds Ouzo Pro integrated fork as an aftermarket item? I bought one for my bike, with the Cane Creek headset, and it has been a nightmare to install. It is the stock headset that came with the bike. Do I need the lower crown race shown in Cane Creek's exploded view, (my OEM fork didn't), or can I run the lower bearings like they were on the original (Zeus fork). I am stumped. Thanks for your help.
re: Help with Reynolds integrated forkEric_H
May 12, 2003 7:20 PM
A couple of things are unclear in your original post:

1) Is the Cane Creek headset the correct headset for your frame (I assume it needs an integrated HS)?

2) If so, your original Zeus fork (frame must be Orbea) used no crown race? I'm not familiar with these forks, but I do know that Time makes an all-carbon fork with an integrated crown race.

At any rate, assuming the headset you currently have is the Cane Creek IS then yes, you do need to install the crown race onto the Reynolds fork. The Cane Creek race is mostly likely a split design, and that makes installation very easy as you don't even need a crown race setting tool. If your bike came stock with a Cane Creek IS headset but there is no crown race on your Zeus fork, then you should get in touch with Cane Creek ( and they will be able to provide the crown race.
re: Help with Reynolds integrated forkrandy_nyc
May 16, 2003 7:53 AM
if it is a orbea, which zeus fork did you have, and what did you not like about it? i was thinking about getting an orbea frame. i have a integrated columbus muscle fork on my current frame. I didn't know if i should use this, zeus, or the ouzo pro?