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LeMond VS. Marin.. decisions! opinions/suggestions(11 posts)

LeMond VS. Marin.. decisions! opinions/suggestionssuedehead
May 12, 2003 11:38 AM
im thinking of selling my aluminum specialized becuase i like steel better (have a steel single speed). i also like traditional road gemoetry better than compact.
ive been looking online alot, so far im thinking mostly of these two.

Lemond Tourmalet -

Marin Argenina -

what are your thoughts?

any other manufacturers you may suggest?
Three things!AaronL
May 12, 2003 11:48 AM
Which one fits better?

Which one is a better value?

Which one do you like the best?

If all the abover are equal, I would sway towards the Marin. I've heard nothing but excellent feedback on their road bikes, and they are quite nice looking. Lemonds, otoh, have sketchy QC with some of their bikes. I know firsthand of that. Had a 99 Zurich that cracked, the replacement 2000 had the clearcoat flake off. I sold it after the third time back. Never again.

Three things!suedehead
May 12, 2003 12:26 PM

as far as value they both have the same basic components (105/tiagra mix).... other components such as wheelset, handlebars, etc are different.

also. the marin is made from Colombus Thron steel tubing and the Lemond is Reynolds 853.
anyone have any advice on that ?
the difference between the two. etc.
03 lemond zurich here.stik__boy
May 12, 2003 12:35 PM
i think its pretty safe to say that in todays production world that EVERY mfg's qc has improved dramatically. the lemond does seem to have a slightly more layed out riding position that does fit me well. (long torso)... comfortable ride. no probs. i would have to say that it would come down to fit. ride'm both. then go buy the lemond cuz my wife works at trek!!!!! thanks for your support. 8)
Three things!geeker
May 12, 2003 1:06 PM
"the marin is made from Colombus Thron steel tubing and the Lemond is Reynolds 853"

I think Columbus Thron is an older and "lower-end" tubeset than Reynolds 853. That basically means that it's heavier. Both can make very nice-riding frames. I'd expect an all-853 (main tubes) frame to be slightly lighter and more expensive than an all-Thron. But the 2003 Marins seem to have carbon stays, which are high-cost items and shave off some weight. So the "value" isn't clear.

OTOH (the "853 Select" vs "853 Pro" issue, which isn't fully explained on Lemond website) with less expensive Lemonds (below Zurich), it's not that clear exactly what tubes are made of 853.
main triangle is 853 on low end lemonds. NMstik__boy
May 12, 2003 1:11 PM
main triangle is 853 on low end lemonds.kjr39
May 12, 2003 4:49 PM
The 853 Select uses Reynolds 520 on the rear triangle and the Pro uses Reynolds 720. That and the Pro has an ovalized down tube.
main triangle is 853 on low end lemonds.slide13
May 12, 2003 7:55 PM
Actually, that is 525 and 725 for the stay material, not 520 and 720 (according to an email from Lemond). Just clarifying.
My thoughtspitt83
May 12, 2003 3:30 PM
Wait a year or at least until this season winds down. Save your money and get an off season deal. (At least I'm assuming money is an issue like it always is)

While both are good enrty-level bikes, if you have more cash in a few months, you could "go big" in the not too distant future. IF or Serotta with Ultegra? A very worthy upgrade by comparison.

If you're thinking of selling the Specialized, it won't depreciate too much with another season of riding. Sounds like your return on investment is minimal with these choices.

My $0.02
May 12, 2003 4:48 PM
I'm biased becuase I ride a Lemond and love it. If they both fit well, then I would go for the Lemond. Someone mentioned quality control problems with the Lemonds, but that is the first person I have ever heard mention that and I work at a dealer that sells Lemonds. Plus, if I could pick any company to back up there products in case of a need for warranty work, it would be Trek. I've worked in bikes shops off and on for over 8 years now, and Trek is one of the best companies to deal with.

I also think you'll be getting a better frame with the Lemond. 853 main triangle and 525 stays.....good stuff! You'll also get a better rear der., 105 on the Tourmalet and Tiagra on the Marin.
a vote for MarinDaveG
May 12, 2003 6:13 PM
A couple of years ago I was narrowing bike buy choices down to a Lemond Buenos Aires or a Marin Vicenza. I picked the Marin because of:
- better weld, finish and paint quality
- Italian build (a personal choice not a performance issue)
- not likely to pass another rider on one
- better fit (I prefer a shorter top tube)
I doubt you could go wrong with either