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First race...Laura Van Gilder Marry Us Please!!!(1 post)

First race...Laura Van Gilder Marry Us Please!!!pnitefly
May 12, 2003 8:57 AM
Entered my first race this weekend in Hellertown PA. Cat 5 crit and I conned my wife into entering too. Had a blast but got blasted too. It seems some peoples interpretation of Cat 5 is different. Race starts and a guy from the Penn State cycling team takes off (Cat 5?). We're back in the pack thinking "He's gonna crack, then we'll pounce" He never did though because the race was too short and with our Cat 5 mentality we couldn't get a chase to work quite right. Oh well good time anyway!
Now, Laura Van Gilder is a machine! She entered the Men 35+ masters race and placed third. Big deal you say. Women podium in men's races all the time. That is true, but she entered the womens race immediately afterword, lapped the field and even held back to help her teammate Sarah Uhl by setting her up for a sweet second place sprint. Of course, she then entered the men's masters 45+ immediately after that and looked strong throughout. This woman is a horse! (compliment) Anyway, she rocks. My wife and I both want to marry you, Laura! Oh gotta Mormon conversion class is starting and the movers are here to take our stuff to southern Utah.