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any experience with posts)

any experience with
May 12, 2003 7:13 AM
Still finalizing my decision between the litespeed and the Fondriest

I'm leaning toward the litespeed, but one of you guys could change my mind.

Also, has anybody dealt with
What do you say? good guys to deal with?
re: Yes, great shop!ElvisMerckx
May 12, 2003 9:27 AM
I picked up a used frame from a friend a few years ago. I was dirt poor, so I did a very extensive websearch for the cheapest Ultegra build I could find. At the time, offered a Dura-Ace build for the price of most other bike shops' Ultegra build -- I was sold. Anyway, I had to fly out to LA on business so I dropped by the shop with my frame. I was unimpressed with the shop itself, it's certainly not a boutique -- it's a BIKE SHOP. The owner/manager/mechanic spent an afternoon selecting sizes, colors, and my personal preference on every component on the bike - rims, headset, bars & stem, tape, etc. I even picked a few upgraded components and he didn't charge me the difference from his e-mail price quote.

Being a former shop wrench, I wasn't too concerned about the quality of the build, figuring I could fix anything they screwed up. To my surprise the bike was well-built. I never experienced cable stretch and the wheels never went out of true. I did however break two non-drive-side rear spokes after about 4500 miles and the seatpost started to creak at about the same time (after rebuilding the bottom bracket twice and replacing my pedals, I simply regeased the seatpost and the creaking stopped), but neither of these incidents is reason not to give them your business.