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never underestimate the power of...(5 posts)

never underestimate the power of...JS Haiku Shop
May 12, 2003 6:20 AM
on thursday night, Wonderdog and Mike Prince ripped the legs off our regular weeknight 30-mile ride. i was reluctantly pulled the last 10 miles by the "B" pack, and when i crawled in on my knees at the end of 50 miles (including pre-ride) barely conscious and considering calling for a ride just 2 miles from home, the thought of overtraining crept into my noggin. saturday AM sealed the deal.

saturday veeery early, went out riding with SpecialTater, TNSquared, and from our "core group", M & E . M & E also both participated in the 3-state 3-mountain ride last weekend. on the way out, both ST and TN2 were strong, TN2 frequently riding OTF on hills--he's a lactic acid junkie, i think. M & E were unusually OTB. at ~80 minutes out, ST, TN2 and J turned back, and M & E journeyed out another 10 miles.

on the way back, bleeding from my ears and sucking air through a straw, i struggled at mile 35 to stay in ST & TN2's draft, as TN2 remarked, "this is officially my longest ride, ever!" Ugh. TN2 has a runner's base of fitness, and has great form and power for such a short time on the bike...but J is no chopped liver!

of course, a 40-miler is short work during "brevet season". so, i recruited my training parter (J2) later that afternoon for a 35-mile tea party. we talked shop and club business and climbed hills like somebody's grandmother. we drank everything in our bottles, i emptied a camelbak, then went for more. we whined about the wind, and stopped to aid a turtle. we pretty much got nowhere, and slowly. then i went home, ate a nice dinner, and slept for 11 uninterrupted hours.

after several months and three phases of building, tapering, and peaking for brevets, all rides in recent memory start with that feeling of doing leg presses too soon after the last gym session. after my Rip van Winkle on saturday, i gingerly tested the waters sunday, and discovered a fresh pair of stumps. sunday afternoon, J2 was saucer-eyed and mouth agape when i rode the group off my wheel in the last 10 miles, and got quickly too far up the road for him to bridge. :)

never underestimate the power of a recovery ride, good dinner, and a solid night's sleep. J = lesson learned and duly noted.

I feel like Pavel Tonkov all over again!

Good to hearSpecialTater
May 12, 2003 8:35 AM
you "recovered", J. You didn't find that molten lead we poured into your Merckx to keep you back with us pokes?

You are sandbagging a little. You pulled us quite a ways in that headwind Sat morning. I realized how much a wheel helps on the flat flats of my hometown with a 15-20mph head/crosswind on a Sunday morning 18 miler. Headed back it was nice doing 25mph with little noticeable wind resistance and 32 mph was easy.

My version....TNSquared
May 12, 2003 9:05 AM
Excerpt from the Saturday morning ride:

Me: "huff, huff, gasp, wheeze" (repeat about 2,000 times)

J (with a grin on his face): "I'm feeling pretty bad, too, if that helps!"

Truth is, J is much too kind. I knew J, M, and E had all ridden that torturous 3st./3mtn. ride the prior Saturday, and even so they were holding a pace that had me doubting at several points whether I would keep them in sight. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks to recover from running a marathon. These guys rode 3 mountians and 100 miles and were already back at it within a few days. To me, that's pretty amazing. Heck, I was worried that I wouldn't be recovered from my 20 mile ride the night before!

It was definitely my best training ride to date, thanks to J, SpecialTater, M and E, and I even had the honor of a brief stop at the Haiku Shop.

The only negative? The 5:45 am start time!
excepting this one, we normally start at 07:30. nmJS Haiku Shop
May 12, 2003 9:39 AM
Don't really mind pre-dawn starts...TNSquared
May 12, 2003 11:34 AM
Guess it's a carryover from marathon training.

I actually like getting out on the road before 98% of the population to do something I enjoy. Just have to get past that initial shock of the alarm jolting me back from dreamworld. :o

Getting up in the wee hours to make it the day job on time -now that's a different story.