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One more thing to fear. Just venting.(6 posts)

One more thing to fear. Just venting.dzrider
May 12, 2003 5:17 AM
Riding to work this morning I felt and heard something alongside me that was unfamiliar and much too close. When I looked to my left an suv had just passed me with the gait that holds its spare tire swinging free. At it's farthest point from the back of the of the car it was close to 2 feet beyond the passenger's side. I tried to chase it down, but it was too long to the next light to keep up.
Too close! Glad to hear your ok. nm.jeff27
May 12, 2003 5:52 AM
Perfect example of driver indifference...KeeponTrekkin
May 12, 2003 6:50 AM
We've all had incidents and, frankly, it's driver indifference that scares me the most. It seems like there are too many people out there who are pitifully unaware of dangerous situations with their car (like your special bozo), or while not hostile, are willing to pretend I'm not there on a bike. For example, they won't time a pass on a 2 lane road to accommodate oncoming traffic so we wind up 3 abreast or they're just too involved with their cell phone conversation to give me any kind of margin.

I recently rode on vacation in Florida where about 1/2 my riding was in dedicated bike lanes or on roads with wide shoulders / breakdown lanes. They were great.

Share the Road has never been a mainstream cause and isn't likely to become one soon. It's unfortunate but most drivers can't share as well as my 4 1/2 y.o. daughter. However, I'll be a strong local supporter of more bike lanes and bike accommodations. I'm a new believer in them; they work.

Indifference, stupidity and impatients .....Live Steam
May 12, 2003 9:40 AM
I hate the jerks that try to beat you to an intersection where they plan on turning. Either they do not realize how fast we will get to the corner or they do not care and think that we can stop or slow quickly without incident. It happened this past Wed. to me. I was approaching an intersection at about 27mph or so and some idiot musclehead traveling in the opposite direction felt the need to turn in front of me rather than allowing me to pass. I had to lock up in order to avoid t-boning his new C Class. I stayed up, but now have a nice flat spot on my $45 tires. I guess I should feel lucky that is all that I have to complain about, but it was totally unnecessary. I did get vocal with him, which in hindsight was unwise, but at least I wasn't on some lonesome farm road where no one would be witness to any retribution he would want to exact. There would have been plenty of witnesses for the cops to interview had he decided to run me down :O)
re: One more thing to fear. Just venting.brider
May 12, 2003 9:01 AM
This si something that I've seen before, and I really think it's an issue with vehicle design (i.e., making them idiot-proof). I own an Isuzu Rodeo ('93 model), and I'm impressed with the idiot-proofing that went into that car's design. Things like:
* A lock-out on the shift column so that you can't shift out of park unless you have the brake on.
* A lockout on the tailgate latch so you can't open it unless you're in park.
* Same thing with the keys -- can't take them out of the ignition unless you're in park.
* Tire carrier stops so that it doesn't swing out past the width of the car.
It's little things like this that impress me.
I can top that one!AaronL
May 12, 2003 9:39 AM
A few years back some buddies and I were riding along in a bike lane when a Fire truck passed us, way too close. But as it went by, luckily, we looked back and noticed that the little padded doohickey that goes on the end of the ladder and is held by a 20ft tether was being dragged and was coming dead at us. We all scrammbled to the gutter and just missed getting caught up in that thing by inches.

The fire truck pulled into a supermarket just up the street and we caught up with the driver, as he was putting the cover back on. We confronted him about the situation and the guy had zero remorse, told us to that since we were not citizens of that particular city we had no reason to complain, blah blah blah. It ended up with my buddies pulling me out of there because I was just about ready to kill this idiot.

I/we never followed up on it, but we should have.

Bottom line, people don't care about you when you are on a bike.