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Ride report. A fine day in May, and witness to horror...(5 posts)

Ride report. A fine day in May, and witness to horror...rwbadley
May 11, 2003 8:34 PM
We have had fairly miserable weather here in Reno for the last month or so. Today being Mothers day, we were pleased and grateful to see a crystal clear blue sky, perfect spring morning. Walking out to get the paper and, Wow! warm and no wind, Lovely day for a ride. Now, if I can just summon the courage needed to bring up the subject of >me out for a ride< when in fact maybe I should be home slathering attention on the mother of our son. Hmmm... the phone rings, it's my buddy "go for a ride?" he says. "I dunno, wifeypoo may not let me". Wifeypoo is sitting right there, and lovely woman that she is says " you should go," OK, no need to say that one twice.

We take off and head south. The temperature was perfect, the riding was smooth. We pass verdant green fields with cattle, horses, llamas, goats and such. Snow capped Mt. Rose to the west. We make our way towards Carson City. Passing through Washoe Valley we see a couple of Golden Eagles, a few magpies. We pass Washoe lake, and see and hear the squACKing calls of the Yellow Headed Blackbirds and Redwing Blackbirds. At Bowers mansion we see a group of vintage Volkswagons gathered for a show, with a couple of early H-D bikes thrown in for good measure. What a scene.

We are now riding south on Franktown road. The fresh air is filled with the aroma of moist forest and Jeffrey Pine scent. This area is filled with the million $ plus homes of the local elite. More bucolic countryside with green fields and views of the lake and arid hills to the east.

We have made about thirty miles now, and my buddy will be doing a longer loop back through Virginia City, I am destined to head back to wifey. We part. As I head back through the valley, there is a most welcome tailwind. Moving along in 53-13 at 90 cadence, good time is made back to Town.

I stop for a snack at Quiky Mart. As I snack and gaze out over the country setting, a car pulls up to the fuel pumps. Out steps an extremely fine example of spirited young womanhood. She is much alive on this fine day, and willing to set an example. She bops on by...'lovely day'.. ummm yes lovely, 'lovely, thank you'. She struts on back to fuel the vehicle. At this point there is much of a show with the handling of the nozzle into the orifice. The contortions and gyrations this splendid specimen... well, you get the idea.

I am back on the bike and now within a mile or two of home, when it suddenly happens. A flock of flittering orange butterflies is making it's way across the road ahead of me. I slow down to minimize the congestion. Then I notice one of the flock is dangerously near the front wheel of the bike. Horrified, I silently scream Nooo!, but it is like a bad dream. I see the brightly colored Lepidoptera make contact with the front tire rubber, he is dragged down to his crunchy, splattery doom.

I know it will take me the better part of a week to sort out this whole ordeal.

;-)) RW
Just when you think things can't get worsemickey-mac
May 11, 2003 8:41 PM
After all the horror stories today, I was already depressed. Why did you have to hit us with this tragedy after all the grief we've endured today? And a Lepidoptera to make matters even worse. I need another beer.
Our Lady of the Hogdog Cart.macalu
May 12, 2003 5:29 AM
Oh, what a gruesome end to a beautiful ride. My trip was rather less eventful. I awoke to a beautifully, foggy, mild morning. My wife, wonderful woman that she is, said 'go ride'. Off I went from Fort Hunt, VA, up the GW Parkway into Old Town, Alexandria. My fellow Lardbutt, Steve P. pulled up beside me in his responsibly driven giant SUV, said howdy, on the WAY TO WORK! The spire of the Masonic Temple lost in a low-lying cloud as I chug up the hill on King St. to Janney's Lane.

As I approach the rolling, azalea-covered, streets of Lake Barcroft and my favorite port-a-potty with the vanity mirror in the door so I can check my buff biker-dude appearance, a roll by the Lacy Market and there she is in all her brocaded splendor: Our Lady of the Hogdog Cart.

Later I stopped at the Starbucks (they are everywhere) in McLean at Chain Bridge Road and Old Dominion Drive, for coffee, blueberry scone, and Bob Marley on the sound system as I sit outside noticing how easy it is the tell the barristas' 10 year old Subarus and Toyatas from the customers' Jaguars, BMWs, and Mercedes. There is no justice.

Back to Arlington on the rollers of Old Dominion Drive, back streets thru Arlington and Alexandria, to home 50 some miles later. But I just can't get her out of my mind: Eighteen inches of Barbie-doll-like religious epiphany in a food cart.
See, if you'd only listenedMel Erickson
May 12, 2003 5:33 AM
To your first instinct and stayed home with wifeypoo this whole tragedy would have been avoided! Now you have a double load of guilt. Just remember, it's good for the soul.
re: Ride report. A fine day in May, and witness to horror...El Guapo
May 12, 2003 11:16 AM
Ledoptera?! I have a 100 year old Live Oak tree that rained those green caterpillars (they become those little orange butterflies) for nearly two weeks. Killed off nearly all of the foliage. The tree will recover, but looks all the worse for the wear. Those caterpillers descend on silk that sticks to everything. Picture walking out of your house and getting covered with green caterpillars no matter what you do. I, for one, am all for the senseless slaughter of all those green caterpillars! Just joking! Funny how something so annoying and destructive can actually turn out to be something so beautiful. Synopsis: Tree damaged, but perfectly healthy, due to annoying little green caterpillars that turned out to be beautiful orange butterflies that get senselessly slaughtered by wreckless cyclists (and cars). The world's a mother#@$%^&!