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gluing tubulars? anyone?(6 posts)

gluing tubulars? anyone?rrjc5488
May 11, 2003 5:22 PM
Does anyone have directions to glue tubulars onto a rim? maybe an article or website with pictures? I was hoping to get my LBS to put them on and show me, but it turns out im getting an amazing deal online. Also, the things to do when i flat during an event? how to put a "preglued" tire on? any advice would be great.
Here you gocarpe_podium
May 11, 2003 7:34 PM
This is a pretty good step by step guide:
Someone here recommended the Tufo glue strips and I think this is the way to go. Much easier and less messy. I only use the strips now.
Here you gorrjc5488
May 12, 2003 11:07 AM
thanks, but if i do use the tufo rim tape, which sounds like the ideal way to go since im starting out with tubular tires, how do i go about "taping" the tire onto the rim?
... instructions "in" box...Akirasho
May 12, 2003 1:38 PM
... fundamentally, it's double sided tape that "activates" when you air up your tube and take a short, slow spin round ghe neighborhood...

Relatively easy to apply... just watch out for pet hairs (or your own if it's long enough).

Be the bike.
... another resource...Akirasho
May 11, 2003 8:16 PM

I use both tape and glue... can't say I'll give one or the other up (look at a glueup as a kind of rite of passage and a discipline)

Repairing a flatted tubular during an event is event dependent (note: generally, don't actually repair a tubie during a race... you either replace the casing or depending on the event, the entire wheel).

Be the bike.
One more siteboneman
May 12, 2003 1:32 AM
Courtesy of Ed Zimmerman, great site including a wheel weight calculator and includes tub mounting and repair guides.