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Sizing question/ problem(2 posts)

Sizing question/ problemPsychler
May 11, 2003 5:17 PM
I will try to be brief and understandable...I ride a 56tt 56 st frame. I always felt "stretched out". Decided to do the Serrota cyle thing. They said that I, due to age and flexablility (52)was indeed stretched. The steerer tube is as tall as it could get, so I can't raise the stem anymore, stem is 11, any closer and it will be too low. Suggested I get a 55 tt and 56 st frame. OR, buy another fork, don't cut the steerer tube getting me higher/ closer (due to the angle of the steerer- I am sure you all know better what I am talking about). SO, is there any other way around this besides a custom frame? Getting me closer to the bar, but not with a shorter stem cuz that would drop me down...WHEW.. thought I would throw this out there.
Quill or threadless stem?Kerry
May 11, 2003 5:50 PM
If you have a threadless stem (which it sure sounds like you do), you can add some rise there with a different stem. Nothing wrong with a 10 cm stem and a little more rise, effectively bringing it a bit closer yet.