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bontrager race lite carbons. anyone have any experiences?(2 posts)

bontrager race lite carbons. anyone have any experiences?rrjc5488
May 11, 2003 6:23 AM
Hi, I have the trek 5200 with dura ace crank, BB, an RD. I am now riding the race lites, Im thinking about getting a pair of carbons and using the race lites as a training wheel. any advice, or anyone have experience with the carbons? thanks
re: bontrager race lite carbons. anyone have any experiences?CARBON110
May 11, 2003 7:05 AM
The Bontragers are nice and have thier own appeal. But, the if you are going to get Tubulars get a pair of Cane Creek. They are much stiffer and more aero. Plus they have better resale value if you know how to market them. I have a pair. The Bontragers have a nice deph of rim though if you are real worried about the wind and your handling skills. I am not a big fan of Paired Spoke Technology since I have seen so many racers hook wheels and paired spoke wheels will send you to the pave' before a 18+ spoke wheel will. I like the Bontragers and I have heard nothing bad about them. However consider this, a friend of mine,a cat 1, hit a curb at speed in a race head on with a Cane Creek wheel and didnt even throw the wheel out of true. I would suggest the older Cane Creeks, like 1999-2002. There is a set being sold on RBR right now that has been there for awhile. Offer them less and I bet they would take it, they have been up there for awhile and you wont regret it. I got my pair this year and they are so smooth.