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Chris King is CRAP!(11 posts)

Chris King is CRAP!stinkfoot247
May 10, 2003 11:47 PM
I read the reviews on chris kings hubs and they are very promising. Does anybody have anything bad to say about their products though? And your opinions on the 72 teeth rachet system compared to standard 24 would be welcome. Are they really that durable? ok thanks
re: Chris King is CRAP! Yeah!tronracer
May 10, 2003 11:58 PM
They probably last forever, but I could never break them in. And, the front hub would always be slower than other hubs and not as smooth either. The ratchet system in the back is instant engagement and really nice feeling, but it slows the bike down double what a shimano hub would. Maybe after a million miles they might feel very nice, they are built to last though.
Headsets make bike slow steering too!the bull
May 11, 2003 3:39 AM
Just kidding folks! King in my opinion makes the best headsets!
Never owned a set of hubs but the sure are pretty!I always ride factory wheelsets.If the hubs are anywhere near the quality of there headsets they should noy ever give you a problem.
factory wheelsetstinkfoot247
May 11, 2003 5:43 AM
why do you say always ride factory wheel sets. I would like to build my own.
factory wheelsetrogue_CT1
May 11, 2003 8:23 AM
If you look close there is an "I" before the always.
re: Chris King is CRAP!lithiapark
May 11, 2003 6:27 AM
Ratchet is noisy when coasting. Bearing seals do seem stiff at first but mine loosened up in about a hundred hours to be as free as Mavic's as far as I can tell. Havn't had to adjust them, I check but they never need it. Same story with the head set, don't see any adverse affect from sticky seals. Have them on mountain bikes too and they hold up there just as well. Summary: work great!, and I think they look good too.
My King HS has outlasted 3 bikes...biknben
May 11, 2003 4:32 PM
$100 for a products that lasts and requires no maint. sounds like a deal to me.

If I could afford his hubs, I'd have them too.
Your post is really STUPIDCrankist
May 11, 2003 5:50 PM
But is does ask some relevant questions, the answers to which I think will have a broad appeal.
Oh, and got the hubs, never a prob.
Your opinion of my post means alot to me nm.stinkfoot247
May 11, 2003 7:56 PM
My King Headset is on its 12th year of _offroad_ use!BergMann
May 11, 2003 6:07 PM
And that's after 5 seasons riding the European Marathon circuit!
About 3 years ago I put a new crown & top race on it, and it's still going strong!
have their hubs...johnmyster
May 12, 2003 5:26 AM
Black, ISODisc, on my mtn bike. Got them because I had experience with those of a friend. I would in all circumstances recommend them for mtn use. You can adjust the bearings with them with a simple allen wrench or two (not needing cone type wrenches) and completely take apart the rear freewheel mechanism just the same for cleaning and lubing. This is good to know, should you commute on them for two years and leave them in the rain, causing the freehub to freeze (what my friend did, a 10 minute fix with a rag and tube of grease).

Yes they're that durable, and even moreso, because you can work on them yourself. After a year of riding in the rain, you can relube it in a few minutes, compared to other wheels, that I'm more likely to just ignore. Fine freewheel in my opinion. Superior design entirely.

If you didn't mind the little extra noize (they freewheel really smoothly, roll well, smooth, etc, take some break in time though) then they're great. Probably not as frictionless as some DA/Record type hubs, but hey, better seals do that. Freewheel, wouldn't even call it noise, just different.

Use them on the trails, definately. On the road? Well, I was about to build a set of carbon deep dishes for my roadie, and my only choice for rear hub would have been a king. If you have a friend at a shop, they also have a sweet employee purchase program. No, I have nothing bad to say, other than the fact that you have to provide your own skewers. Using them will give you atleast two parts on your bike that you don't have to worry about, ever.