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Travel report re: France (non-cycling, but relevant to TdeF)(4 posts)

Travel report re: France (non-cycling, but relevant to TdeF)ms
May 10, 2003 3:13 PM
This afternoon, I had lunch with a friend who returned to the US yesterday from two and a half weeks in France. He spent several days in Paris visiting with professional (medical) colleagues, a week in the Rhone valley and several days in Marsailles. My friend reported that he and his wife were received warmly everywhere, including in places not frequented by tourists. Although a few of people expressed criticism of President Bush, he heard as many negative comments about President Chirac. He did not feel any anti-American sentiment anywhere that he traveled in France. His only critical comment about the trip was about the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro.

So, for those Americans who are apprehensive about traveling to France for the Tour, my friend's visit confirms that which I had thought all along -- there should be no problems for Americans traveling in France this summer. So fellow Americans, let's get ourselves to France this summer to cheer on our countrymen in the race.

P.S. A question to make this a cycling post: Can Tyler beat Lance?
re: Dittoteoteoteo
May 10, 2003 4:07 PM
A friend also returned after two weeks and reported the same. He had no hassles or worries.

As for Tyler and Lance I can't say that I think it will be possible--even Tyler commented the other day that "Lance is in another world".

I will say that nothing would thrill me more than to see Tyler making Lance sweat or a duel between two Americans for the top podium spot.

If Tyler takes the lead will we see a bunch of Mass. flag waving guys wearing "Don't Mess With Chowder" T-shirts..... :-))
We don't have anything against americans...PeterRider
May 11, 2003 9:41 PM
... especially toursit shops in Paris are very happy to get your money during the summer, while all parisians take their holidays in the south.

My image of the american tourist in Paris is a bit that of a noisy man in jeans/sneakers and a big camera, but nothing negative. And I never saw anybody anti-american enough to insult a tourist.

Pierre (lives near L.A. and is pro-L.A. ... mmm, sorry)
American tourists . . .ms
May 12, 2003 5:43 AM
When I have traveled abroad, I have tried to avoid the traits of the "ugly American" tourist. However, it always is hard to see oneself objectively. So, I may be as bad as your sterotype, although I hope that I am not. More than once I have been embarassed for a fellow countryman and myself when I have encountered a less-than considerate American in a foreign country. My pet peeve is when people think that by speaking louder (in English) non-English speakers miraculously will be able to understand them. One interesting note: when I saw the Tour last summer in the Alps and in Paris I saw very little obnoxious behavior by Americans (that is if you discount the cowboy hat wearing, lone star flag waving Texans -- just kidding teoteoteo). Maybe American cycling fans are a cut above the average tourist.

I assume that your second L.A. is for the guy from Texas, not the town in California. Contrary to the reports in the media last year, I found a lot of support for Lance Armstrong among the French. My wife and daughters became great JaJa fans during our stay in France last summer (of course, he was the focus of most of the French television coverage). Here's to French-American cultural exchange and sportsmanship.

BTW: Have you seen the movie European Vacation?