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Opinion needed on Specialized Allez Road Bike(3 posts)

Opinion needed on Specialized Allez Road Bikechanhoward
May 10, 2003 1:50 AM
I saw the Specialized Allez Road Bike selling at a very cheap price in my LBS. Parts are the low ends ones, like Shimano Sora etc. But the frame look good.
I am a MT Biker, and riding a Ti Hardtail now. Thinking of going into road riding and maybe race
Is this Specialized frame wotrhy of upgrade etc, or should I forget about this frame and save hard for a Ti frame?
Any opinions?
Howard Chan
Feast of famine!the bull
May 10, 2003 3:12 AM
Why not save a little and get a really good bike!
Bang for the buck!
I see lots of steel (853) bikes with ultegra for around 1700.
I think this would be the way to go!
My LBS has Treks for 2000. Nice Bikes!
It would be hard to tell the differance between one of these bikes and the one I ride.
Build your own bike up and you save even more money.
Good luck!
If you are talking about the Allez A1...amflyer
May 10, 2003 8:13 AM
They are really not spec'd too bad. Ritchey bar and hubs, alex rims. Of course with the Sora stuff you will be buying 8-speed cassettes, which may or may not become harder in the years to come. I was surprised at how good the shifters felt though...much crisper and smoother than my old 105 8 speed stuff from '96. At 550 bucks, which is what we paid, it's not a bad start. If you're riding a Ti MTB right now, you might appreciate a higher end bike though. It's not the lightest in the world, but not too bad, and feels solid. Keep in mind that I ride a frame 6 cm bigger than this (wife's), so my perceptions are a little skewed. If you're short on cash or not sure if the road is for you, this will definately get you going.

Like I implied, I've got one in the room next to me, so if you have any specific questions, give a holler.