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Road rash info, anyone??(4 posts)

Road rash info, anyone??coonass
May 9, 2003 3:12 PM
Hoping everyone escapes this subject; but I did find an interesting article on how to speed up the healing and prevent scarring.
(I find it surprising that it's recommended to "remove the soft exudates [the off-white slimmy film which is the beginning of scab tissue] between the 3rd and 5th days.") NOW I find this knees look like I've had about 7 knee surgeries....but never have :)
good articleridingthegyro
May 9, 2003 5:24 PM
Well I don't like the application of gauze as they describe....johnrg
May 9, 2003 6:23 PM
I had 2nd+ degree rash from a couple of months ago and found neosporin+ pain relieving ointment the most soothing to apply compared to generics and J&J competing products which were thicker. Also Telfa style pads were much more comfortable for daily re-dressing as they did not stick at all to the wounds especially around the edges. I reccomend for arms/legs Telfa and paper style tape, then gauze wrap, then tube style netting to hold all in place. I had to do this for a few weeks time especially to avoid sun while riding. While half of my arms still are light colored I should be left with minimal scarring and use 50spf Sport Coppertone or a long sleeved jesey.
Tip for easy bandage removal...coonass
May 9, 2003 8:17 PM
On one bike ride, my bud's rear wheel 'shot' an object which passed behind my glasses and scratched my cornea. After a week of removing the bandage tape from my eye (3x/day) to apply the Optho-Neosporin, my skin was absolutely raw. My neighbor, an ICU nurse, was visiting one day just as I was pulling another layer of skin off of my head to apply the salve to my eye. I complained about the rawness and the petty pain and she said " Don't you know that if you apply alcohol to the skin, the tape will not pull on the skin?" So if you have to apply tape (even bandaids) your skin, apply alcohol to the taping-area first, let it dry, then apply tape.....removal is virtually painless...It WORKS!!! My children also became believers.
(Applications of Vit. E is also a great scar reducer....I've done it personally and told a friend who practically had his eye/nose crushed. His doctor did not believe the results 6 months later, so much so, that the doc asked him to write down the Vit.E procedure for his reference...)Use the gel cap form....not bottled Vit.E: oxygen in the air contaminates the bottle' contents, and after opening the bottle a few times, the potentcy is lost.