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Montréal Metric Century(10 posts)

Montréal Metric CenturyCharlie Amerique
May 9, 2003 7:57 AM
Yes, Annie and I took the new road bikes out for a little ride into downtown Montréal on Wednesday. She wanted to stop off at The Bead Emporium (women.. sheesh!), I wanted to stop at a bike shop (so did she) and we both wanted to stop at La Capoterie.

Our ride turned into a full 100+km ride from L'ile Perrot to Old Montréal (the Old Port) and back. We were stopped at the Old Port by a couple of guys with full downhill rigs sipping cokes at a café who wanted to check out our new rides (one of them tripped over his table trying to flag us down).
A lunch stop for some souvlaki and a race against a taxi, it was pretty much a completly urban event.

On the way back we ran across a friend of ours leading a group of guys back towards downtown. Heavily laden with panners and packs, they told us that they had left London ON. and were headed to Halifax NS. They had given themselves 20 days to make the trip (with extra stopover days in Montréal and a "party night" once they get to Halifax). We wished them good luck and sent them to the best hostel in town.

Here's a shot of Annie along the Lachien Canal. They're workign very hard to undo the years of negelect to the canal and reopen it to traffic next spring.
Old Port MontréalCharlie Amerique
May 9, 2003 8:04 AM
The Old Port area has remaing relativly unchanged over the past few centuries.. at least on the outside. The roads are still covered in pavé and it makes me appreciate the hazards that the riders of Paris-Roubaix face.
Chasing the sun.Charlie Amerique
May 9, 2003 8:11 AM
On our return home we passed quite a few riders but when we arrived in Sainte Anne de Bellevue we met the local Wednesday night riding clubs.. and I mean CLUBS! There were probably 20 riders in the first group, 40 in the second, too many to count in the third and at least 20 in the fourth.
We passed most of them before reaching the bridge to L'ile Perrot.

After stopping to pose a picture, we raced home just so I could post it 2 days later.
Overall a great ride and the only casualty was Annie seat. It has now been replaced by a Terry Fly.
Thanks for the reminded meHorace Greeley
May 9, 2003 8:24 AM
of my trip to Mont Treblant last summer (from New York). We stopped in Montreal and I took a casual ride through the old city and along the canal. Nice place to ride and get lost. I also learned very quickly what "Slow!" and "Sharp Turn" means in French after almost going into the canal.
May 9, 2003 9:48 AM
as to how the adjustment from the bay area to Montreal is going? From US to Canada? Culture shock...or not really?

Seriously...Charlie Amerique
May 9, 2003 7:41 PM
... Montréal is San Francisco on a budget. I don't really mind the winters here because it's not foggy every damn day like it is in the bay area (slight exageration, but you know what I mean).
The riding is much better here because ther are ... fewer cars! and many more riders. Montréal is a very bike friendly city.

The frnech thing is a bit much at times, and my french sucks, but it's getting better and I hope to be abusing it in ernest soon.
The really big thing for me is the pace of life here is much slower than the bay area. People actually care about their free time AS free time and not as an opportunity for squeeze in a few more hours on the job.
I'm going to be in Montreal next weekend.Frith
May 9, 2003 11:14 AM
Unfortunately sans bike. Just going with a buddy for something to do for the long weekend. Otherwise I'd invite your new lightspeeds out for a playdate with my new Giant.
London to Halifax MON DIEU! Let me guess you sent them to Auberge in Old Montreal. That's where I stayed last Vic weekend and that's where I'll be this one.
Question since I'll be without my baby for the whole long weekend can you suggest any shops that are worth visiting? As I said I'll be staying in Old Montreal and travelling mostly en pied.
Any idea where the Marinoni factory is? I'd love to have a peek at that if it's not to far out of the way.
Marinoni is in LachinaePicshooter
May 9, 2003 5:24 PM
About 40 minutes NE out of Montreal. Definitely worth a visit. It doesn't look all that from the outside but it is a cool place. I managed to get a real nice factory tour during a slow time. Ask for Hugo, tell him the boat photographer from Florida saya hello.
Well from Old Montréal...Charlie Amerique
May 9, 2003 8:03 PM
You can get a transit ride to the store "La Cordée" at 2159, rue Sainte-Catherine est and rent yourself a bike or a mtb.

From there you can easily get to almost anyplace. You can see the whole city if you don't mind putting on the miles.
China town, Little Italy, the Greek market, the old port, the Canal Lachine up to the top of Mont Royal.

There is a great tourist information place on Square Dorchester which is just north of René Lesvesques between Peel Street and Metcalfe. Ask them for the map of the bike path or any biking information you desire for all different regions of the province.

As for bike shops, well there are a few I would suggest. Martin Swiss on Victoria Street in Westmount and Le Suroit on St Charles in Vaudreuil-Dorion, a charming little village surrounded by a river, the seaway and a few lakes. This is where we do most of our riding.

Anyway, have a good time when you're in town. We'll be in Bromont for a mountain bike race (12 hour endurance race Annie is doing solo).
I am in Montréal.tempeteOntheRoad
May 10, 2003 6:44 AM
You'll be able to travel by Metro very easily around town.

Marinoni is too far for you. Lachine is actually a suburb North of Montréal. I am sure Giuseppe and his wife would be pleased as always to have visitors.

Good shops to visit: Try to make it to Argon 18 (Gervais Rioux Shop) on St-Laurent street corner of Laurier. You could walk up St-Laurent, though it is about 30 minutes walk from downtown, it remains a very very good walk since it takes you to some of the best this city has to offer.

non bike related; on St-Catherine street is a SAQ Signature (alcool and wine shop) that is a must for rarities and wines to keep. $$$ That is on St-Catherine west, into downtown...

Other nice bikes shops to see from the downtown bus station; walk east on St-Catherine street until a wee bit after the Jacque-Cartier Bridge; go to La Cordée, it's an outdoor shop with a nice bike section and well trained personel.

Too bad you don't have a bike. Me and my friends have a weekly ride every sunday morning, from 65 to 100km, avg 26-30km/h.

Enjoy my city! Make sure you walk through the "plateau Mt-Royal". And Parc Lafontaine.

You may see us; My wife on a yellow Cannondale, me on my Giant TRC2 and my friend Rich on an old refurbished Puch brown frame. MTL is a nice place to ride a bike, with a good hill, a formula 1 race circuit for fast laps chasing the tri-geeks (fast ones!) and plenty of bridges to elope into the quiter roads.

séb "tempete" On the road.