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Bicyclist Wearing Only Thong ......(2 posts)

Bicyclist Wearing Only Thong ......african
May 9, 2003 5:33 AM
see the story,... (I think that there are campy parts on the bike)
Not too much different than male triathlete photos (more)Fez
May 9, 2003 8:24 AM
from the front view. I'm sure the rear view is a lot more repulsive.

As far as his legal right goes, San Antonio could try to change the code down there. For example, South Beach (I think) banned thongs on the beach years ago. They had some sort of "exposed anal cleft" rule for the enforcement.

But I understand the sentiment of San Antonio residents. Last year I used to ride thru a park on the weekends and there would always be this nasty looking 50-somthing guy with longish hair and he was really tanned. He rode an upright bike and was always shirtless. The problem was he had huge man-breasts that looked like they were B or C cup equivalents. From afar, before you could tell he was a man, he looked like an ugly topless woman.

OK, enough about this nasty subject.