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Ah, the sounds of....silence! Finally, quiet pedals...(1 post)

Ah, the sounds of....silence! Finally, quiet pedals...SS_MB-7
May 9, 2003 4:52 AM
I recently bought a pair of the new SPD-SL R600 (Ultegra) pedals because I was sick-n-tired of the annoying and infamous Look creak on my PP396s that started from nearly day 1. I tried all the remedies posted here at RBR, and while some worked, it was only a temporary Band-Aid solution...the best of which was using an extra washer under the toe of the cleat. Ultimately, the best solution was a new set of pedals. After several hard and longish rides, I'm happy to report that all I hear now is the sound of rubber on to my ears!

I am very finicky when it comes to pedals. I've used Campy Record, Look 396s, EggBeaters, etc. on my road bikes and EggBeaters, Time ATACs, Shimano 747s and 959s, BeBops, etc. on my MTB and ultimately, some of the best pedals are Shimano.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.