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A pulled glut?(2 posts)

A pulled glut?sievers11
May 8, 2003 2:17 PM
I have a question about a pain in my butt.

First of all it is not a saddle sore, I know what that is and this higher than that.

I have an anoying pain in my upper glut (butt muscle) and it doesn't bother me on my bike, only when I am sitting down in a normal chair. It feels kind of like I brused my tail bone. I haven't done anthing other than ride my bike and go to work for the last month so I think it has to be something on my bike or something from riding.

Two adjustments I have made on my bike are my riding style, I am lowering my torso by bending my elbows more. This is a more aero possition for racing. I also have pushed my seat back inorder to get my knee in a better relation to my pedel.

I can only think of a few possibilities of what it could, a strain on my upper glut causing some tendonitis from leaning forward in a more aero possition...two, I have brused my tail bone from the added vibration to the back of the saddle from having it pushed all the way back.

I am thinking it is tendonistis because it doesn't hurt when I am in the saddle. but ???

Anyone ever had a similar problem? (I put on about 200 miles a week.)
Positioning Changepitt83
May 9, 2003 4:57 AM
When I bought the new bike this spring, I had a similar problem. The BioRacer sizing suggested what I considered to be too small a spread; mainly seat height and fore/aft. My a$$ was killing me because I hadn't strengthened the glute as much as the hamstring. My old bike was set up higher giving more hamstring / quad force and no glute.

Either move the seat where it doesn't bother you or wait it out and get stronger there.