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Help! I need help choosing...(2 posts)

Help! I need help choosing...ningizzida
May 8, 2003 8:23 AM
Help! I need help choosing. Two bikes seemingly opposite end of the spectrum. The first is an old Lotus frame, not sure what model, is hung in a display. Has a new derailer, shimano middle of the road, but would need new cranks and pedals. I have been looking all morning to try and find out what the frame is probobly made of. Any ideas? Is the bike any good?
The other option is a nashbar-esque bike with shimano 6500? components.Both bikes have down tube shifting. This is probobly a better bike but also $300 more.
I am a nursing student trying to learn how to ride. If the Lotus is a good bike I can learn on and upgrade as I go I would love to spend less money. I would love feedback from those of you who know more about this. Thank you.
The Lotus is a good choice.Fredrico
May 8, 2003 9:37 AM
Others may correct me, but I seem to remember Lotus was made by Fuji, the company many consider to be the Schwinn of Japan, competent designers in terms of frame geometry and road feel, component choices and value. This bike frame is certainly made of the standard 4130 formula Chromium-molybdenum butted tubing that most serious Asian frames were made of in those days, a few grams heavier but similar in handling characteristics to the Colombus SL the Italians used.

This Lotus will probably have "sport touring" geometry, 73 or 74 degree angles, depending on size, set up for responsive road riding, like the road racing bikes of today. If it fits you okay, it would be a good starter bike for fitness and club riding, and upgradable to a point. Since it was made, rear axles have gotten wider to accomodate more gears. That would be your main problem upgrading. I'd just go with the way its set up, then when you get a new bike, the Lotus would make a great commuter-rainy day-beater bike.

The "Nashbar-esque" bike may be more recently made, but certainly not worth 300. more. They were mass produced by the big Taiwanese factories to Arnie's specs as cheap starter bikes. One of my buddies broke one at a seat stay-seat tube weld, almost unheard of.