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Please help with choosing - Serotta/Trek(17 posts)

Please help with choosing - Serotta/Trekavitar1
May 8, 2003 5:57 AM
I have decided to buy a new bike. I have been to 8 bike shops and am close to my purchase. I currently ride a compact geometry aluminum frame with Columbus Carve seat stays and fork. It is very light but I think transmits much road shock. I am 41 and want a smoother ride. I was just about to buy a Serotta Legend with the ST rear, but am having second thoughts. It is very expensive (as most of you who have looked at them know), and I am wondering in my limited use (under 2000 miles/year) if I would really notice the difference between a fully custom bike like the Serotta in Titanium $6000+/-, or buying the Trek 55005200 $3000+/- from a good shop who will fit it right. Would I really be able to tell enough of a difference to warrant spending double the money?
I do mostly 40-50 mile rides with local bike shops, no racing, and maybe a century.
I know no one can really tell me what is worth it for me, but I would like some input before making this decesion.
The Trek seems like a lot of bike for the money.
If the exclusivity isn't worth much to you, then definitely Trekelviento
May 8, 2003 6:26 AM
Love my OCLV120...jtferraro
May 8, 2003 6:30 AM
I was bitten by the road bug last spring and finally bought a road bike in the fall. I researched and read, and visited many LBS's, etc. Initially I was making my mtb more "roadlike" buying a new, lightweight Velomax wheelset, 26 x 1 slicks and upgrading many components. I still used it for mtb last year, but would just swap out the complete wheel/tire combo. That bike is an old Cannondale that definitely transmits a decent amount of road shock. I did a few centuries on it last year but was so yearning of that new road bike. I ended up getting a real good deal on a '01 USPS frameset, built w/DA, and this year's Race X-Lite wheelset. I've since put the new DA7750 pedals on it, upgraded the Bontrager post to a Thomson, and installed a Vetta V100HR computer. The only remaining items I'd like to upgrade are the stem & bar. NEway...I only had put 16 miles on it this past fall before the weather turned and the roads got salty, etc. I've recently been on it again...last night and this past Sunday, and let me tell you - I absoulutely love it! Yes, it could be b/c it is my first "real" road bike but I love the way the OCLV absorbs small potholes, bumps, and road undulations, etc. The bike is just so smooth and efficient and SUCH a bang for the buck - especially if you can get a left over one (from the previous year). Unfortunately, I've never ridden a ti frame so can't comment on it...let alone a Serotta! $6K is definitely out of my budget. I know that the OCLV TREK's are popular...but for the reasons that they are an American bicycle company AND one of the less expensive carbon framesets out there, and they perform! Also, you might want to consider the new Giant carbon framesets since you are already on a compact. From what I hear, they offer great value, too.

re: Please help with choosing - Serotta/Trekclimbo
May 8, 2003 6:33 AM
have you ridden them both? They are very different bikes. personally I would never buy the Trek (don't like carbon bikes much) and I do have a very nice steel Serotta Fierte. Why the Legend? Why not get one of the steel frames from Serotta? They rate well for comfort.
There's no telling which you would like more.dzrider
May 8, 2003 6:33 AM
IMHO the Serotta offers more pride of ownership. There are so many wonderful rides in this world for $3000 that I'd have as much fun shopping as possible and buy the bike that I like the best. The differences in quality and value are much smaller to me than the subjective differences that effect how much I enjoy riding a given bike.
re: Please help with choosing - Serotta/TrekCARBON110
May 8, 2003 6:43 AM
Serottas are nice bikes but when your looking for comfort carbon is the best. It literally deadens road vibration and Trek makes a high performance,well respected, TDF winning,low cost bike. This goes a long way for me, especially since I bike over 8k a year and 6 days a week regardless of weather. I like Treks mainly since I can contact Trek (same with serotta but you will get a replacement from Trek faster then Serotta)if I have any issues (although I never have) and its easy to clean, fun to look at, and bikes these days are personalized as much by components and paint as by what kind of frame and fork you have. You wont be disappointed and you can take the extra $3k and go on a bike vacation or buy some wheels to improove or change your ride quality. Serottas are very nice bikes, but they possess nothing in turn of bike feel or handling charecter that a Trek doesn't. Merlin,Serottas,Litespeed, are all very nice bikes but $3k more on a bike isnt going to get you $3k more in performance.
I don't understand the logic of marketing a $6k bike when the performance isn't that much better or better at all for that matter. I think it appeals to people who just don't care. It's like Antara carbon wheels, they cost $1600 weigh 1700 grams and give no improoved performance over Zipp,Bontrager,etc etc. Get something you LOVE adn something that leaves you with no doubt. If its the Serotta you love then by all means. However, you won't be disappointed with a Trek ever either
I thought Serotta was more responsivekenyee
May 8, 2003 7:09 AM
They have their own forum that employees monitor. Ditto smaller shops like Cervelo who's president responds to email in their forum. Trek is a much larger company.

The Legend/5200/5500 short list is a bit odd. The Legend is supposed to have quite a bit more road feel than the Trek and is stiffer than most Ti frames. If a Trek fits (long torso, short legs), it sounds like the original poster will be happier with it...

I thought Serotta was more responsiveavitar1
May 8, 2003 8:26 AM
I am fairly normal proportioned. 5' 10" 30" inseam, 180 lbs. I know its a bit of a weird short list, its just where I ended up. I was very close on the Merlin ExtraLight, but to do it up, it costs almost as much as the Serotta, and the new ST rear end seemed like a great improvement to have. The Trek vs Serotta came from ultimate vs most bang for the buck. I sure the Giant Carbon frame should be in there too.
have you ridden both?kenyee
May 8, 2003 11:41 AM
What did your butt tell you? :-)
If you give folks here more feedback on what you liked/disliked about each one, they'd be able to give better opinions on what you might like instead of what they'd like better...

Sounds like you have the typical American long torso/short legs physique, so you should be ok on the Trek and most bikes. If you really want a rear wheel that stays glued to the ground, try the Serotta DKS rear end (though some people hate the looks of it).

If you want bang for buck in carbon fiber, you also have to try the Aegis Aro Svelte and the Giant Carbon as you mentioned...

Why not steel?Spunout
May 8, 2003 7:17 AM
Funny how a Trek 5200 is $3K in USA, but the same price in Canada (before exchange!). Price to market, I guess.

Serotta makes some nice steel frames. Get the rigidity of Ti and the comfort of Carbon in a good steel bike built to your weight and use.
To heck with the brand, to heck with the materialMel Erickson
May 8, 2003 7:46 AM
Set your price point (pretty wide variance between $3000 and $6000), pay attention to geometry (consider getting fitted or at least use the fitting programs from Colorado Cyclist, Wrench Science,, ride a bunch of bikes in your range that match your geometry requirements (they'll all have similar components), and buy the bike that feels best to you. That said, and if comfort is your main goal, have you considered Rivendell? For the mileage you're putting in and the type of riding you do I think comfort is a good priority. My theory is that someone who puts in fewer miles actually needs to pay attention to comfort more than the high milage guys. Your body adapts more as you put in more miles and can handle more abuse with less discomfort.
IF I went with Serotta...Fez
May 8, 2003 8:05 AM
I would pass on the gimmicky rear ends. Didn't they say it was all about the magical ride even BEFORE they developed the carbon rear end?

I don't buy the claim that a carbon rear stay damps vibration better than a Ti one. I think it just feels different between the two. I think a carbon rear triangle MAY provide a stiffer rear triangle, but at a cost in terms of dollars and weight.

You said you want a smoother ride, not a stiffer one, so I think the standard all Ti frame should provide a darn good comfortable ride. If you want that cool carbon look at the rear, well then go for it.

Now about Trek, its a completely different bike at a completely different price, but still, you can't go wrong with OCLV and that lifetime warranty.
re: Please help with choosing - Serotta/Treklav25
May 8, 2003 8:37 AM
OCLV = disposable bike nm
OCLV=disposable bike?........really?TNSquared
May 8, 2003 9:13 AM
Amazing then that they offer, and honor, a lifetime warranty as they do.
re: Please help with choosing - Serotta/Treksievers11
May 8, 2003 8:56 AM
Not to make it more difficult, but there are alot of really good Ti bikes out there that are way less than the Serotta.

I personally don't like the treks, their geometry is not right for me. Lot so guys on our team like them alot, really smooth ride. I am a lighter rider and prefer the cheap light al frames. I put on a lot of miles and couldn't really make sense out of an expensive frame, frames get a little too diposable when you are racing to toss a ton of money at.

I personally would go for the Ti because it is still a very smooth ride and will last longer than the carbon bike that will loosen up after 2-3 years. I am a big fan of the Litespeed Tuscany...put chorus 10 speed on it and you wont need another bike, ever. (unless you want one)

A good Ti will last 3 time longer than a good carbon in that respect is it really that much more expensive?
Take a look at a Concours as well...koala
May 8, 2003 9:06 AM
Legend type ride that works well for all but the heaviest riders at 800 less. Dont forget to look at the Serotta website for demos and slighty used bikes at a reduced price.
I own(ed) bothgetoffmywheel
May 11, 2003 6:06 PM
and I'm not going to go on and on and compare. These are totally different bikes in terms of feel. One is ridden by the best cyclist in the world and the other spares no details in terms of fit, function, workmanship and performance and built around you. So, either decision would be a good one and your performance will be the same with fit considered. For the investment you are making (not just monetary but your valuable time) you owe it to yourself to ride them both and decide if it's worth the extra money for you if you are riding 2000 miles a year. Not to mention your preferences. Any worthy dealer will allow you to ride both for extended rides. Hopefully a dealer carries both brands and will opt to size you on the Serotta size cycle. People are ready to drop thousands on a bike without riding them for a few hours, you owe it to yourself to take one last step in your research.

I do agree with you on the ST. Check out the steel frames as well. Buying is fun, just ride them all. You will walk out with a bike you didn;t think you would end up buying.
Good luck.