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More knee pains for the board, Anybody have this? (long)(1 post)

More knee pains for the board, Anybody have this? (long)stinkfoot247
May 7, 2003 9:24 PM
Here is how to describe my pain. I'm only 17. I tried cross training this winter by jogging. I started out gradual, I think. I went at a slow pace for about a two mile hilly course. I stretched very intensively. Within 3 weeks I developed a sharp face cringing pain at the sides of my shins half way down my legs and around the knee cap area. I marked where the pain was, and I had vertical lines at the outer sides of my legs if that helps you to understand. The pain was so incredible I could not run anymore and it hurt after I would run. This was not a all of a sudden pain, it gradually got worse and worse, I figured it would go away. Here are the other factors. I've always had pains in my knees and my left hip when I run, ever since 5th grade, but I never had one as bad as this. 2 months before the sharp pains, (january) I jogged 20 miles on a round trip to girlfriends house for a length of 5 hours, completely unconditioned, in 20 degree cold. how does this relate to cycling well here: The other day I rode hard one day, upping my avg. speed and avg. distance by 1 each. I tried to ride 2 days later with no recovery ride and I was completely out of energy. I had this lactic acid burning feeling right above my knee cap(slightly to the left side), I'm wandering if that was just a tired muscule or a knee problem. and then, the other day I was lifting a log and some how my upper leg twisted inward on my right leg, I think from the load and position of leg, I could feel it twist a little in my knee. now, I have this knee pain when I walk upstairs. Am I doomed for life with knee pain, any ideas on my condition, would x-rays be good? thanks for any input