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Boy do I feel humbled (kinda long post but heart wrenching(8 posts)

Boy do I feel humbled (kinda long post but heart wrenchingabicirider
May 7, 2003 8:11 PM
Tuesday afternoon waiting around for the great NC weather to at least get pass the flash flood point so I could ride.
I very seldom watch tv but I was fliping channels came across the John Walsh show (never seen or even knew he had a talk show) anyways I get a glipse of a picture of Robin williams humm. Ok then I see this young teenager probaly 13-15 at most his name is Rudy both of his legs are ampitated from above the knee (don't know if he was born that way or accident) anyways he has full bio mechanical artificial legs I look and here he is jaming on a tri-bike I'm glued to the tv now. next they start talking via phone to Robin Williams who has know and trained on the bike with Rudy for like 5 years. Rudy is a triathlete he does it all swim bikes runs. I tell you if you saw how smooth his spin was and how well fitted and fluid he was on the bike it would have blown you away I couldn't believe it.
I gather from what I heard Rudy either lives in the Bay area (San Francisco) or San Diego, Robin Williams was talking about both places.
It really made me stop and think sometimes I complain about the wind is blowing, its too hot to train ,its too cold to train, but I think 98% of us here can say but gosh we are so lucky to have all are limbs and health to train.
If you ever see Rudy Or any Califorinas that may know him it will make you very humble in my opinion.
I tell you if I ever saw Rudy in person I would bow before him not kidding at all my hat off to him a million times over.
Just by chance if anybody knows Rudy or as an email address or anyway I can contact him please by all means email me at thats how much of an impression he made upon me an awesome kid.
Sorry for the long post but just wanted to share this story with you guys and gals.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Still
re: Boy do I feel humbled (kinda long post but heart wrenchingJuanmoretime
May 8, 2003 2:12 AM
I understand. I live in Urbana, Illinois, home to the University of Illinois. The have a wheel chair racing team and these team members are also part of the running club I belong to. I see these athlete out there training on the roads almost daily. Their pretty damn good too! The U of I wheelchair team has had several Boston Marathon wins including the female winner of this year's Boston Marathon. I doesn't matter what birth defect or tragic accident these indidviduals have been through, they still have the spirit of competing and winning plus overcoming their challenges in life.
NMB YGMdunkind
May 8, 2003 4:57 AM
re: Boy do I feel humbled (kinda long post but heart wrenchingkonmanos
May 8, 2003 5:10 AM
This is so true.. I have been involved in a bike accident myself. I broke my hip, and I am in the middle of recovery at the moment. I have not been able to ride for 11 weeks and it is killing me. I go out to the garage, where the bike is, and look at it, clean it etc. waiting for the day to get back on and on the road. In the meantime I have been thinking about the unfortunate few who are never able to recover and how it affects them. I can imagine the motivation someone like Rudy gives to people (fortunate and unfortunate) and it also shows, that nothing stops you from achieving other than your mind. If you believe in it, and you are willing to have a go, then it will happen. I also saw something similar here in Australia (triathlon), where one of the competitors, had come 6th place last year, and was competing again this year. He was coming last in the first race (swim). The reporter was not giving anything away, during this TV broadcast, then when all of the competitors were on their bike race, the camera went back to the water to show the competitor who was coming last. As he neared the exit point a team of people ran out to him, picked him up. It was then when the reporter notified us, that even though this competitor came 6th last year in the triathlon, during his training for this triathlon, he was in an accident, which forced the amputation of both legs. He still wanted to do the swim (no legs during the swim, just a torso and his hands).. and that was it. He was my motivation to get out there and do it, and to stop complaining.
I have since got back into swimming, as well as stationary bike riding on the rollers.. Its not hard, just get up and enjoy (each day - complaint free)
May 8, 2003 6:58 AM
Incredicble desire, will & determination that athlete has! These are the ingrediants to overcome virtually anything!

It is amazing how much more appreciative you are of your body after an injury. I am so much more appreciative of my knees now...and everything else for that matter. I had a snowboarding accident this winter and completely tore my MCL, partially tore my ACL, did damage to both medial & lateral meniscus, and put a 12mm impaction fracture in my tibia plateau! I didn't drive for a month, was on crutches, then various knee braces (had to sleep w/it on, too). I had knee surgery on 3/11 and am doing very well. In fact, I was just discharged from PT. I still can't do any "side-to-side" motion sports for 4 more months (total of 6 from date of surgery), and even then will probably have to wear a knee brace, but nonetheless, I'm very greatful!

I think I saw a write up about this kid a couple years ago.theBreeze
May 8, 2003 8:03 AM
Maybe it was in a back issue of Runner's World. The article was about him, Williams and some other fairly well known athlete competing in a tri as a team. I think Rudy did the run leg. If I find it I'll let you know. I seem to remember he lives around San Diego.
Found it, Runner's World, May 2000, pg 84theBreeze
May 8, 2003 8:25 AM
Luckily it was in the first stack I looked in.

His name is Rudy Garcia-Tolson. He was born in 1988 with multiple genetic defects. After 15 surgeries and an experimantal device to try to staighten his legs, they decided to amputate and use prosthetics. He was 5 years old at the time. He started racing in the pool at age 6, running at age 7 and by age 11 (the time of the article)he was competing in 5K's and held the American record for 200m breaststroke for a double amputee of ANY age.

Rudy, Robin Williams and Scott tinley competed in the San Diego Triathlon in 1998 as a team. Rudy did the 1.2 mile ocean swim. Wow.
Yeah - incredible guy!Rich_Racer
May 8, 2003 10:13 AM