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Airborne goes "Custom"?(2 posts)

Airborne goes "Custom"?Akirasho
May 7, 2003 4:37 PM
... Airborne bashing aside, I recently discovered that Airborne now offers custom frames... this blurb was pulled directly from their forum...

You can fully customize the bike with tubing diameters, lenghts, angles.... when it comes down to it you can do just about anything you want with the bike. The only stipulation is that it has to pass the test against our engineers. All of this is just an additional $400.00 to any of our titanium frames. We don't have the ability to extend the customization to our aluminum bikes.

This intrigues me (perhaps the Torch tubeset with a less radical compact frame design (check out the reviews of the Torch in Cycling Plus (9 out of 10) and ProCycling (Marcel Wust thinks it might be the best bike he's ever ridden) magazines) or as suggested by an Airborne staffer, maybe a seamless 6Al/4V Manhattan Project (maybe built with TT/Tri geometry))... while I know many other builders can offer custom... I have a bit of an "affinity" for Airbornes... hmmmmmmm, there's still one corner of the Platinum card that ain't been scorched...

... and no, I don't work for Airborne...

Be the bike.
Money can buy you a lot of things.elviento
May 7, 2003 4:59 PM
Especially from bike makers in China. Not that China made products are of lesser quality, but simply because $400 has a lot of purchasing power there.

On the other hand, satisfying people's whim isn't necessarily a good thing. A friend who is 5'6" is convinced that he needs a 48cm Toptube.

Truth is, if you know for sure a certain design is the right one for you, you must have already ridden it. If so that means the bike already exists, then why do you need another frame?

Maybe next time they will allow you to give 5 designs and pick the best one after test rides?