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Problems with ITM aero bars....any help or suggestions...(2 posts)

Problems with ITM aero bars....any help or suggestions...african
May 7, 2003 9:08 AM
I just got some ITM Cx2 aheadset aero bars. The dia compe brake levers that I took off my old bike on the profile bull horns do not fit in the ITM bars, the shimano bar end shifters from the syntace c2 don't fit either. The ITM bars have a smaller circumfrence.

Now what works with these bars? I wanted to put bar end shifters on them, I am clueless?? what will work?? Have you seen what the pro's TT bikes are set up with these bars. Here is a pic of the bars.....
re: Problems with ITM aero bars....any help or suggestions...brider
May 7, 2003 9:21 AM
These bars are set up for standard road brake levers -- note the dramatic upturn to the horns. You might be able to cut them down to make the DiaCompes work, but then you'd be voiding any return rights.

As to the bar-end shifters -- I'm guessing that the outside diameter of the aero extensions is the same as the outside diameter (or nearly so) of the clamp portion of the shifter. You may be able to rig up a splice tube that slides over both the aero extension and allows you to insert the bar-end shifter. Again, you'd want to cut down the bars so the shifters aren't at eye level. Then you'd either have to bond the splice tube to the aero extensions, or bind it down in some way.