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Jtferarro....(5 posts)

May 7, 2003 8:08 AM
Whats up hoser eh? Looked for ya on aol but your never on....must be you and Allie are hitting the miles. How does she like her bike? I'll be up your way from June 15-24 if you two want to have dinner on me :D
You rang...jtferraro
May 7, 2003 11:16 AM
Hey bud,

You're right...I haven't been on AIM much lately. I'll be sure to get on later tonight, though. Allie & I went for a 29 mile ride on Sunday. She really enjoyed her new Dolce! Actually, before Sunday I only had 16 miles on my that bike (and road bike riding, as opposed to mtb w/slicks) is still VERY new to me, too. Not only that, but since my 16 mile ride last fall, the following items have changed or been added:

- went from mtb pedals (Shimano M515's) to my new DA 7750's (put the M515's on Allie's bike)
- went from mtb shoes (old Shimano's) to my new Hautacam's (which I'm thinking might be a tad wide for the ball of foot/toebox area)
- went from Elite Ciussi cages to Tacx Taos (mounted the Ciussis on Allie's bike)
- added new Vetta V100HR computer (Allie bought a Vetta RT88 wireless computer)
- added Pearl Izumi Tailwind saddlebag(30ci), filled w/all the essentials (Allie bought a Jandd 50ci)

That's great that you're finally heading my way. If you're buying dinner, then I'm pickin' up the drinks!!

How's the recovery going? My physical therapist discharged me and I saw my orthopedic doc again this past Monday (6 weeks since my last visit w/him) and he said my knee looks and feels great...said my knee has tightened up a bit! WOOO-HOOO! Hope your healing is coming right along, too!!

and we both biked to work today, too (only 4 miles each way)...jtferraro
May 7, 2003 11:21 AM
not on the new road bikes, though! There are too many potholes heading into Hartford, not to mention one section is a bit...well, yeah...ya' might worry about your bike being hijacked. We just use the mtb' w/slicks and our new commuter/courier bags.

That's Great !CARBON110
May 7, 2003 1:57 PM
ahahha deal on the drinks! So glad to hear your doing well. Can't wait to see your and Allies bikes. You must be pysched about what the Doc said about your knee. I know how that would feel if my Doc said that to me. I just got back from my first 6 week appointment. They sawed the cast off to take some X-rays and I got to see my leg. Turns out the bones healed as fast as a childs bones (about as fast as it gets) so he gave me a couple of tests and told me he wasnt going to put me in another hard cast as planned.
So now I have a removable cast which is great! Still can't walk or put pressure on it though for another 6 weeks. But now I don't have to hang my leg over the frickn tub. My next appointment is the day we leave for New England so I will be walking on it by then...but no disco or clubn LOL. I asked and asked about riding my bike on a trainer with flat pedals, but alas to no avail he said forget it.
Maybe the four of us can go road riding together in August. Allie, you, Kari and I in Vermont for the GMSR. Instead of racing this year we can do some fun rides, have dinner by the lake, watch the race and drink on ChurchSt :P
I know what you mean about Hartford, good thing your commute is short, even the really nice places in New Britain are sketchy. Must be a blast though riding together. If you guys come down here we will hit the parkway and Biltmore for fun. Most of the really good rides mimic alot of the Tour Du Pont stages. Anyway, thanks for touchn base. Ride fast and live dangerously
Sounds like your leg is coming along!jtferraro
May 8, 2003 4:43 AM
Yeah, I was certainly happy to hear my physical therapist and my doctor both inform me that my knee has tightened up. They both said this upon feeling it/moving it. That is GREAT that they sawed that damn cast off *AND*, more importanly...that your bones healed as fast as a child's bones!! Then more good more hard cast! You must have been quite pleased, eh?? That will be great that when I see you, you'll be WALKING on it! I think we need to make a toast to our quick recoveries! =) Your idea of cycling in VT, eating & drinking on Church St. sound fantastic - we're there!