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Top 10 sprinters at this year's Giro?(6 posts)

Top 10 sprinters at this year's Giro?BergMann
May 6, 2003 5:51 PM
The inofficial poll:
who do you think are the guys most likely to give Cipo a run for his money in the Sprint competition this year?
There are at least two other obvious contenders, but try and be creative and pick at least 5 you think will still be there earning points in the third week (you might recall last year a certain McPrincess decided to save himself for the "big" tour)!
What trying to get...Dwayne Barry
May 7, 2003 3:49 AM
a fantasy team lined up? The problem with your "earning points in the last week" is that there are probably only one maybe two stages where a sprinter has a shot. McEwen did the smart thing by dropping out last year. The last week of the Giro is typically chuck-full of climbing, so unless you've got some overall goal, like taking the points jersey, is it worth it to suffer like a dog for 4 or 5 stages, just to have a shot at a single stage win?

Browne isn't a good pick because he can't climb. Pieri maybe because he'll be motivated to be there for Simoni.
Pettachi is probably a stayer. Look at the eastern Europeans, there's a bunch of them on the smaller Italian teams who can handle themselves all right in a bunch sprint but rarely give the big names a good run for their money. I have a good up and comer but I keeping that one for myself, and he very well may not be there in the last week anyway.
you guessed itBergMann
May 7, 2003 6:32 AM
I agree, McEwen was smart to drop out -- the Green Jersey at the end of July proved it. There were still more than "one or two" sprint stage wins on the line after stage 10, when he dropped out though.

It's hard to judge which of the "second tier" sprinters are on form at this point in the season because so much press has been focused on the sprint "stars" (Zabel & Co.), the big classics, and how the GC contenders have fared at the stage races.

Yes, the primary point of all this is to put together a fantasy team. In the past I've tried assembling a "well balanced" team, but I've noticed that a healthy contingent of sprinters seems to pay off best in the long run.

McEwen, Petacchi, and Cipo are definitely the three contenders for the sprint jersey.
Svorada, Brown, & Caspar are all strong enough to impose themselves on a sprint when the big boys are having an off day. A lot of the usual second-tier suspects (Teutenberg, Hunter, Strazzer, Hondo) aren't riding the Giro this year, so that means you have to look further down the food chain, or maybe towards strong one-day riders with a kick (like DiLuca, who also won't be there).

On this note, do you really think it is a good idea to add "strong men" like Pieri to the list, when they are going to be killing themselves daily riding support for GC contenders like Simoni (assuming Gilberto can manage to stay away from those Peruvian cough drops)?
I think strongmen orDwayne Barry
May 7, 2003 6:44 AM
rouleurs as the French would call them are bad picks (guys like Mazzoleni, Figueras, Tossato). They typically only come out to play on one or two stages and getting a result is a crap shoot.

Better off to go with a bunch of sprinters, a couple of GC guys, and 1 or 2 mountain guys (Perez might get some competition as Chepe Gonzalez is back in the race this year). Try to find some up and comers for the GC and sprints that will be cheap to buy and yet might get some real good results.

Unlike the tour, the Giro seems to have relatively harder stages, in that there is often a significant climb somewhere in the stage that eliminates most of the pure sprinters yet still ends in a (reduced) bunch sprint. That's why I like Garzelli, he can win these, and may be chasing after them for the time bonuses.
Guys to give Cipo a run and top 10Dwayne Barry
May 7, 2003 4:10 AM
only three will probably consistently challenge Cipo:

Remainder of top-10?:
Davis (if he isn't doing lead-out work for Brown, or if Brown gets eliminated by the mountains)
Lombardi (if given a shot)

Handful of others that are at the same level as the bottom of that list (Garzelli could even probably be put into that if he were interested, Aug, Capelle, Hvastija, Conte).
Win a S-works if you can pick what stages Cipo will win.overtrained
May 7, 2003 7:28 AM
stumbled on this:

worth a shot to win the bike.