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old people stories, got one(14 posts)

old people stories, got onestinkfoot247
May 6, 2003 5:09 PM
got a story of old people who still ride, i would find them interesting.
It's all in your headMR_GRUMPY
May 6, 2003 6:28 PM
Two of my teammates are racing 70+ (makes me feel like a kid). One was a national class speed skater in his youth, and the other was a pro cyclist. He never was in the TDF, but raced in many of the big classics. He came home and won the big one out east. He took 20 years off before starting all over again. If he could loose 30 pounds, he could do well in the 50+ races.
Some guys I ride with are over 40! Talk about old farts!Matno
May 7, 2003 2:34 AM
Well, okay, they're not really old at all, but they do like to fart a lot. Gets quite annoying when the wind's not blowing...

Actually, I grew up with guy who was still doing triathlons into his late 60's. Probably still doing it, but I lost contact with him a few years back. He usually won too. Tough guy. He tacoed his front wheel going around a corner in a local race one time and you wouldn't even believe the streak of blood he left on the pavement. Looked like it was about 6 inches wide for a good 30-40 feet! He didn't walk away from that one, but woke up pretty quickly once they got him to the hospital. Came back the next year to dominate the same race...
It's all in your headal0
May 7, 2003 2:56 AM
I have posted this information in Racing board few days ago, but dare to repeat it here anyway, as it fit to this thread very well.

Pro race Rund um den Henniger Turm (May, 1) is accompanied with several amateur, junior and open races that share the same route (more precisely, the part of that route, depending on race length).

In one of that open races - 56 km, more or less hilly,
b 84-year
old fellow (
b 1919
year of birth)
have participated and have finished more or less in the middle of the field (187
from 228).

In the 86-km race that include, IMHO, the thoughest part of pro-race route,
b 70-year
old fellow (1933 year of birth) have finished
b 39th from
b 1089
participants. 3m 24sec gap from winner.
May 7, 2003 4:17 AM
My great, great aunt (who recently passed at 100), was riding her bicycle until the age of 90. Even after she felt unbalanced on her bike, she continued walking daily until later in her 90's.

Not exactly 'race' level, but inspiring to say the least.

BTW - If any running fans watched the Penn Relays last week, they would have seen a 'senior' competitor at 101. Although he lost, he 'competes' internationally.
70+ YO guy regularly does the Mt. Evans HillclimbColnagoFE
May 7, 2003 8:40 AM
He came close to my time last year (~2:30). He is my hero.

Senior Men 65+
Place Name Team Time
1 TETRICK Paul LRT 2:55:07
2 HENDRICKS Tom NMVS 3:00:47
3 BICKEL David L. Cobras 3:12:55
70+ YO guy regularly does the Mt. Evans Hillclimbrrjc5488
May 7, 2003 12:38 PM
I dont have an old people story, but im curious, where and when is the mt evans hillclimb? maybe they have a website? thanks (nm)ColnagoFE
May 7, 2003 12:57 PM
Here's oneCHRoadie
May 7, 2003 9:38 AM
I'm doing a group training ride (I chose the 60 mile option) with my club. As usual, the group breaks up into smaller groups, and riding in my little group is a fellow in his early 70s. I wish I had legs like his.

Anyway, at the turn-around point, we pass an old-folks assisted living home. I turn to look at my friend, and he's got this look in his eyes, like 'I could be at a place like that, but instead I'm out here climbing hills and kicking butt.' He's very inspirational.
re: old people stories, got onebrider
May 7, 2003 9:39 AM
Well, he's not still riding (unless you count riding with Coppi and Simpson now).

Joe Hailey from BC. This guy was eccentric, to say the least, and not the most well-liked (had a habit of crashing people with dangerous tactics), but even in his sixties (I'm guessing, I never asked the guy), he was routinely kicking cat 4 butt in crits, and doing well on the track.

Memories -- neon green and pink Softride. His clothing matched. Would warm up in full winter gear, even in the hottest of days. Guy had NO tan whatsoever -- ghostly pale. Whenever any one would make an attack, he'd be yelling "hup hup!" wherever he was (but would never chase himself).

I truly didn't care much for the guy myself, but I respected his racing savvy. He died as a result of injuries sustained in a finishing crash a couple years ago. I never even checked into who was at fault -- moot point now. I do know that he died as a result of doing something he loved to do. RIP.
That's all we can ask for...biknben
May 7, 2003 11:33 AM
To die old AND doing what we love!!! When the time comes (in 40-50 yrs.), I wouldn't mind going out like that.
By freakin' ko-inki-dinky, here's one from the paperIFTreedog
May 7, 2003 12:57 PM
This morning's Sacramentomato Bee..

80 years old and a tandem stoker for the Davis double-century
Friend and mentor, 68, rides road and mountaintheBreeze
May 7, 2003 1:13 PM
A good friend of mine is 68 and commutes by bike regularly up a 15+% grade. I have been with him on a 210 mile 7 day mountain bike tour and a 400+ state road tour. He's a wirey little guy and can spin like mad. He has entered the cross country mountain bike event at Sea Otter the last three years. He placed 4th in his age group the first year, crashed out during a practice run the second, and finished 8th of 21 this year even thought he rode it faster than the first year (under 2 hours.) And he only took up cycling in the last five years!
re: old people stories, got onealiensporebomb
May 7, 2003 7:33 PM
Yeah - my freaking mother-in-law. She's in her seventies,
rides a minimum of ten miles a day and will sometimes go
30-40 miles. It's weird because I looked at her cyclometer
in July after I set it up in December just to see what kind
of mileage she was doing and her odometer was in the 1500s!

And the scary thing is, that's just ONE of her bikes! She
has a mountain bike with suspension, a hybrid bike with
metal pannier racks and a bright pink roadie. It's weird.

She also swims laps up at the lake every day for hours and
is in excellent shape for someone in her seventies.