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NJ - NYC breast cancer ride/route planning(2 posts)

NJ - NYC breast cancer ride/route planningmoots
May 6, 2003 7:32 AM
Hi all,

I am helping with the NJ to NYC route planning for a breast cancer charity ride from NC to NH. I need help with route recommendations.

On Monday July 21st we'll be riding from Princeton, NJ to mid-town Manhattan NYC. I need to find the safest route while also trying to keep mileage for the day reasonable. There is a chance we'll be riding through Whitehouse, NJ that day as we're trying to line up another major sponsor who is headquartered there. It would be great to ride over one of the bridges (if you can) or take a ferry over.

I live in Somerset County, NJ. I'm familiar with Mercer, Hunterdon and Somerset counties, but anything east of the area is new to me. Any route recommendations or contact to those who could help would be greatly appreciated.

My primary goal for the ride is to spread the word about breast cancer and raise funds to help others in the future. Feel free to forward this onto others in hope of awareness and increased donations.


Gifford Del Grande
Discussed in the past...kinda...biknben
May 6, 2003 8:30 AM
Someone had a similar route question last year.

jose_Tex_mex "Any East Coast (NY-NJ) riders know a good shore route?" 8/15/02 1:37pm

I tried to create a route from NYC to the Jersey shore via Princeton, NJ. NJ Route 206 travels north from Princeton. It intersects with NJ Route 202 which would then go in a North-East direction towards NYC. Unfortunately, it's not that easy and some portions of these roads are like highways, certainly not suitable for bikes. I know that the two roads intersect, join, and then split again near Somerset, NJ. This 3-4 mile stretch would have to be avoided. Also, 202 goes into Bergen county but then turns due north so you'd still have to meander through Bergen county to get to Fort Lee and the GWB. The George Washington Bridge would probably be your best bet for a bridge crossing to NYC. There are ferries out of Hoboken, NJ, I believe, but I'm not familiar with them.

Let me know if I can help further. FYI, I grew up in North Jersey and now live outside of Princeton.