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Klein Quantum ok for cyclo-cross and/or fixed-gear?(3 posts)

Klein Quantum ok for cyclo-cross and/or fixed-gear?Tahoe Gator
May 6, 2003 6:02 AM
Thinking ahead to winter riding/training, I have been thinkng of getting into cyclocross and/or riding a fixed-gear bike to stay in shape over the winter. The question I am pondering is whether my road bike, a Klein Quantum Pro, can serve such duty. For cyclocross, could I swap the brakes and change tires and be okay? For fixed gear, I was told you need rear dropouts, which the Quantum has of sorts (though not sure they qualify). Could I swap the cassette for a fixed gear and ditch all the excess drivetrain, brakes, etc., and be okay? Any reason the bike would not hold up (e.g., abuse in cyclocross) or work in either of these confgurations?
May 6, 2003 6:12 AM
The Klein will not work for either of these.

1. You won't get the tyres to fit the frame.
2. Fixed gear requires horizontal dropouts.

If anything you should buy a Surly crosscheck, older road frame with horizontal dropouts or something similar if you want to have a true cx/fixed bike for winter.

Keep the Klein on the road. Peruse the CX and Fixed Gear boards for lots more info.
Second the Surly Cross-CheckNater
May 6, 2003 8:01 AM
you'd have a nice SS/Fixed 'cross setup with that frame and the Surly 135mm fixed/free flip-flop hub laced into your favorite 700c rim for the rear wheel. You'd also be able to put gears on that frame if you felt the need.

You also might like the On One Il Pompino. It will lock you into a SS/Fixed gear set won't take gears unless you use the adapter that On One sells for their Gimp dirt jumping frame. Check them out at Pretty cool company...I just got one of their geared Inbred frames that I have yet to complete the build on it but the quality is definitely there!