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"Hot Spot" on Foot...any solution?(5 posts)

"Hot Spot" on Foot...any solution?rwebb
May 5, 2003 5:26 PM
I seem to always get a "hot spot" on the bottom of my right foot after about 20 miles using Look cleats. Is there any "fix" for this or will it go away with more training??
May 5, 2003 5:49 PM
It may be that your sole is just too flexible, in which case you're hosed. But more likely, even if the sole is flexy (which it's probably not) you can fix the problem by adding better insoles like SuperFeet. They are AWESOME. 100 times better than most "stock" insoles. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
re: "Hot Spot" on Foot...any solution?PT
May 6, 2003 6:28 AM
If this "hot sport" is in the ball of your foot, it's likely Morton's neuroma. I know of three ways to deal with this: surgery (only if it's really bad), cortisone injection, or a pair of shoes that have enough room in the forefoot to allow your toes to spread out and that has a rigid sole. The idea behind a neuroma is that the bones in your forefoot grind together, irritating a nerve that runs between them.

I got a neuroma from running and largely cured it by getting shoes that increased the room in the forefoot.

larger toe box helpsDougSloan
May 6, 2003 7:29 AM
Larger toe box shoes helped me. What often cures it is curling your toes hard for a few seconds occasionally, but you need room in your shoes to do it.

re: "Hot Spot" on Foot...any solution?outofthesaddle
May 6, 2003 12:30 PM
I had a similar problem on longer rides - I moved my cleats back slightly on my shoes so that my feet were farther forward. Never had the problem again.