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Over training??? Longish...(11 posts)

Over training??? Longish...seejoy
May 5, 2003 3:32 PM
I am a 47 yr.old woman, 5'6" and 140lb.Resting pulse 60. I do not have the ideal body for the road being built like a brick house...but you have to use what you have! Last year with very limited funds, I bought my first road bike from a co-worker. I paid $350- for a "98" C'dale R500 triple. I replaced the Coda seat, a real pain, and put on a shorter Salsa stem.Then off I went slowly getting into shape with my goal being to complete my first half century, (The Gap Gallop) in Sept. Great fun! I put the bike away when the weather started to get colder and just started out again 3 weeks ago. I've been riding 4-5 x's a week, 10-13-15-23 miles average.I was surprised that while in no way fit, I was stronger than when I began last year.Yesterday I rode 32mi and had a great ride! Stronger on the return than the out and av. 12-15mph, keeping 18 on the flat with ease several x's and feeling good about it, which is very good for me. Question is, I slept awful last night! Pulse was 62. The last time this happened was last year when I had my first "epic" ride early in the season.60 miles up hill and dale which did leave me spent to the point that it was a real effort to climb the three flights of stairs to my apt. That night I had a resting pulse of 80 and when I closed my eyes the road stretched out before me! That was wierd and I knew I had over done it.
Was yesterdays ride too much too soon even tho I felt good? My goal this year is to ride a metric century in August and the full Gap Gallop in Sept. Thanks for your input!
She's a brick houuse...triple shot espresso
May 5, 2003 3:42 PM
IMHO what you described was typical hard ride night and not anywhere near over training. You hear about over training a lot but I don't think a lot of people actually get there. Over training would also come with a great fluctuation in weight, mood (generally depressed and unmotivated), sleep disturbance (over a couple of nights), heart rate etc. Over training has the same symptoms as over stressing your body or mindin any other way. You might just need a recovery day, you may be a little dehydrated, need to stretch or maybe some vitamin I. You may also be coming down with a cold. Take an easy day (active recovery) and you'll notice you'll feel better in the morning.
overtraining is not burnoutfiltersweep
May 5, 2003 5:58 PM
I think while there may be overtraining and then there is "overtraining"- the fact remains: if you do not ever "recover" and you keep going and going day after day, you won't achieve any performance gains- and my understanding is that is what overtraining truly is about.

Completely becoming depressed, etc. leans more towards burnout- which is something a bit more extreme.

Maybe I have a liberal interpretation of overtraining, but most of my understanding of the issue comes from weight training. Overtraining would be regarded as just wasting one's time in the gym stuck in a plateau because the body never had a chance to recover (kind of like building something, tearing it down, rebuilding it, tearing it down, day after day...).

I'd guess that many people here are in more or less of a constant state of overtraining- but then again, not everyone has the goals of improving performance, so it arguably doesn't matter.

I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but I have a fascination with the topic, and struggle with making proper recovery rides unless outside influences such as the weather force my hand ;)
I don't know if I'd be .....toomanybikes
May 5, 2003 3:42 PM
..... scientific as to call it overtraining, I call it over tired.

I find as I get older, and I have been riding for many years, thousands of miles a year. Except for the period in my mid 30's to early 40's when I jumped on the treadmill big time. Took a new job, VERY high profile and spent the better part of 200,000 miles a year in the air. Put on 30 pounds, made a bunch of money and got off the treadmill - went back to private practice.

I find now that I am back to riding, I do get times that I ma over tired. Always a weekend, the day I get up early to get a couple of hours of time in the road, then spend the rest of the day working in the yard, or my workshop, or....

Night time comes, I'm exhausted, go to bed - and ....

Lie there staring at the ceiling all night! Never happened when I was younger, just as I get older. MAybe it is over exertion but yup, higher pulse rate, Tired, etc.

Worst part is you feel like crap the next day, so when you get up early to go for a ride the next day, its like riding in a bucket of wet cement!
Over tired is a much better...seejoy
May 5, 2003 4:16 PM
way to state it. LOL! I guess "over training" does sound silly with the little bit I do...and that's just what happened to me. I was tired but in a good way, but when I got to bed I could not get to sleep and felt I was awake all night! Of course today I was tired because I did not sleep. Took the day off, from riding the gym and my 2 mile walk around the block.Looking forward to sleep tonight!
It's good to know I am not alone but sorry that it is what I have to look foward to.Problem is, I am addicted to getting stronger and faster!!!!
very very similarstinkfoot247
May 5, 2003 6:34 PM
I'm not an old dude, but I share your staring at the ceiling and wet cement feeling. I'm not that great of a cyclist. Due to cold weather I have only gotten out recently to make 7 rides. Yesterday I went out planning to do a 70 mile loop around my area and I felt soooo sluggish and could only did 10 miles. I was bummed out and worked in the yard all night. Two days before my planned trip I only rode 20 miles, but I rode hard, doing 18 for an avg. speed through hilly terrain and a head wind. It was a big step in my gradual progress. I did not sleep that night, I stared at the clock until 2 and decided to pull an all-nighter. I wander if I did a recovery ride the next day if I would have been ok. I have to say I hate gradual progress, and by god I'm not going to stop riding next winter just to start over again no matter what Joe Friel says. To add to my dissapointment my whole drive train is making noises and I wont have my bike back from the hospital for another week.
re: Over training??? Longish...aliensporebomb
May 5, 2003 5:31 PM
I'm 39 and though I have upwards of 400 miles under my
belt this season this past weekend I had a rather weird

My wife has a booth for a scottish clan she is commissioner
of out at a local scottish fair and we got up with the sun
last saturday, carrying all of that gear out to the car then
driving it out to the site, unpacking, setting it all up with
the tent it sits in.

Then I went home and did a quick ten mile ride and went off
to help a friend get his house shipshape for moving (his
wife has recently been in the hospital and was unable to
assist). I packed nine boxes then they started prying away
100 year old wood trim that will be replaced and then I
carried about 20 loads down a flight of stairs and put them
in a big pile outside of the house - they will add new trim

THEN I went back over to the scottish fair site for tear-
down and removal of the tent and gear.

After I did this we went over to relatives for a dinner and
hanging out type of thing.

By the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED. I've can't recall
being that tired after a ride, even a long one. Climbing
stairs was agony, I was sore all over and I just wanted
to crawl into bed and read something....then I put the
magazine down and went into deep sleep.

That night I slept over 12 hours, I can't remember sleeping
that long recently but that whole day I just sat around the
house and didn't feel like doing a whole lot - listening to
my body it was going "no exercise today".

Today, two days later I'm still sore but it's liveable.
Anyone have this kind of thing? I normally don't carry
20+ foot pine boards down flights of stairs so it's likely
a body reaction to the sudden exertion but the packing of
moving boxes wasn't something I do everyday either.
May 6, 2003 2:54 AM
We both had a good work out and perhaps over did it doing something our bodies were not used to doing.You helping your friend and wife, and me having a decent stepped up training ride for my level of fitness. I would have loved to sleep for 12 hours! But I think those days are over...7 hours is about my max now and I am thankful if I sleep straight through till morning. Well, slept normal last night so my body is happy again!
Lot's of things hereRich_Racer
May 6, 2003 10:39 AM
I think it's important not to get things confused.

Being very very tired after a ride can simply be to lack of energy as you've done a lot and not replaced the calories. Better use of diet and hydration cures this!

Being tired for a couple of days after a hard ride is natural and everyone has to do recovery rides and have days off every week - this is irrespective of fitness level.

Overtraining is a specific term that relates to a poorly understood condition, that is partly mental, partly physical, where too much exercise causes muscle degradation and changes in hormone levels. This can take months to recover from. But it takes months of doing too much exercise to get it too.

I would say you have some mixture of the first two. Take some accelerade or something on long rides, and properly structure your recovery time.


May 6, 2003 10:43 AM
I think officially overtraining "is" burnout - since the proper name for the condition that lots of people describe as burnout is OTS (over-training syndrome.) Over-training isn't the same as doing too much training though - although one can lead to the other over a period of months/years.
Thanks!! nmseejoy
May 8, 2003 6:56 AM