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Cannondale vs Serotta Ti(9 posts)

Cannondale vs Serotta Tizerbee
May 5, 2003 12:57 PM
I am trying to choose between purchase of a 2003 Cannondale r2000 CAAD5 and a 2000 Serotta Classique Ti. Components and geometry and fit are essentially identical; the price for both bikes is similiar as well. The sticking point for me right now is that I think that this is a great deal on a ti bike--I've never owned one but I've heard great things about durability and ride quality. The thing about the C'dale is that it's brand new and from a LBS (The Serotta would be an online purchase). Any wisdom you might have about what's the best choice would be appreciated!
re: Cannondale vs Serotta TiFez
May 5, 2003 1:35 PM
2003 R2000 is supposed to be CAAD7 with a standard bottom bracket. It is mostly Ultegra (maybe a DA rear deraill) with Ksyrium SL wheels ($800 retail wheelset). Although I'm not crazy about Cannondales, that is a sweet component spec for whatever it retails for. I don't have to tell you that a brand new '03 will have no miles on it and everything is new.

A 2000 Serotta is 3+ years old. How many miles? The drivetrain does wear, even if the frame and fork are in good shape.

Kind of like comparing apples to oranges here.
IMO No comparison.Len J
May 5, 2003 2:36 PM
Serotta in a landslide, at the same price.

That being said, I would ride both of them and make my own choice. Find a serotta dealer & take a test ride.

I have a Cannondale and a Ti bike......cdale02
May 5, 2003 2:36 PM
First, the new R2002 is more likely a CAAD7 frame rather than a CAAD5, I'll share my experience with you.

I currently own a 2002 CAAD5 frame that I bought new and built up with Dura Ace and a 99 Seven Axion Ti (stock geometry) that I bought used online and built up with DA as well. Both frames fit me very well (Seven=61 c-c, Cdale 63 c-t)

I ride both bikes a lot.... and I often think about which one I would choose if I had to choose one.... the bottom line is that it would be a very difficult choice. (I think both bikes are great)

I tend to use the Cannondale for shorter hammering rides and races and I use the Seven for longer (50+mile) rides, but I have done 100 mile rides on the Cdale with no complaints. I think the CAAD5 rides much better than my CAAD3 and 2.8 series frames, but I fit better on the 63cm... the other frames were 60cm so I can't compare them directly. The geometry on the CAAD5 is a little different than the CAAD7 (shorter stays and a slightly higher bb), so I suspect that bike will have a smoother, although less aggressive ride.

As far as ride quality, I can't compare your two frames in question directly, as my CAAD5 has different tubing and geometry than the CAAD7 and my Seven is butted Ti built to max stiffness and slightly stiffer vertical compliance specs than stock.... Not familier with the Classique, but if I recall the tubing is not butted. That being said, I take a crack at a comparisson. I suspect both bikes will ride very well. The Ti will be a little more lively of a ride (you will feel some spring to the frame and possibly a bit of flex under hard efforts.... nothing detrimental though) The Cannondale will be stiffer, most likely lighter, and offer a solid ride..... sorry that's the best that I can do in terms of a comparisson.

As far as durability, you have no worries with Ti. I suspect that frame will last forever... as I suspect my Seven will. As for the Cdale, it may fatique, but assuming Cannondale survives it's financial situation, I have confidence that it will honor its warranty on the frame in the event it cracks.

As I mentioned I have owned a 2.8 and CAAD3 frame. The 3 was a replacement for a cracked 2.8. Cannondale was great about honoring the warranty....and the CAAD3 was/is still going strong. (I built it back up with the 8speed and gave it to my dad rather than selling it).

In summary, it is a toss-up. If I were you, I would factor some subjective aspects to yourself ... which bike looks better to you, do you prefer high tech (CAAD7) vs more traditional (Classique), more exlusive (Serotta).... Do you like seeing your frame competing in Europe.... I thought it was cool when Cipo was riding the CAAD3... etc,

Go with your gut... good luck.
If you have to even ask get the cannondale!the bull
May 5, 2003 3:24 PM
Because you probally have no buisness on a serotta!
May I suggest a Trek! :^)
The frame alone in 5 years will be worth 4 times what the Cdale will be worth!
Irreverant and obnoxious, but true.KG 361
May 5, 2003 4:24 PM
No contest. Handmade Ti vs mass-produced Al? Really? Buy the Serotta, for God's sake!
Serotta, no questions asked... n/tspankdoggie
May 5, 2003 9:42 PM
Go with the LBS, or notQuentinCassidy
May 6, 2003 6:39 AM
If you are actually going to ride this bike religiously, or god forbid race it, go with what the LBS offers. If they are a good shop they will hook you up when stuff goes wrong.

If you are going to hang this bike on a wall and pull it down for a metric century every other weekend when the weather is nice, get whatever looks cooler. They've both won stages in the TdF... it's not like you could go wrong.
Or better yet!the bull
May 6, 2003 8:41 AM
Get the better bike and learn how to work on it yourself!
If anything the serrotta is more durable and will hold up better than a painted aluminum frame!
Hang it on a wall- mount on the roof whatever!
Ride ride ride!