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Do You Know - Tell Me.(2 posts)

Do You Know - Tell Me.cjwill
May 5, 2003 12:31 PM
What month of the year does/do the style/models come out to the local LBS's. 2003/2004

thank you for your knowledge.

re: Do You Know - Tell Me.russw19
May 5, 2003 12:46 PM
Having worked in bike shops for the past 14 years....

Some shops see next year model bikes as early as september. However those are mostly low line bikes with very few changes over the previous year's model. Changes are often only a different model suspension fork and a new paint scheme. Often these bikes are nothing more than an updated paint scheme as later in the year (Jan and Feb) that same bike may undergo a component group change. Most high end and mid line bikes come out between mid October and Christmas. After mid October because if it's something totally new and stunning, the company wants to debut it at Interbike. After Interbike, they rush to get at least a few sizes to the stores by Christmas to keep up with the retail rush, but some companies lines aren't fully released until January of that model year. For example I work at a LeMond dealer and the Tete de Course wasn't available until March.

Then there are component companies who don't really care about getting stuff out before Christmas, for them it's by the Spring. An example of this is FSA whose carbon bars and stems weren't available to the public before mid March of this year.

So to answer your question... it depends and no one knows. That's a major problem with Global business and global supply lines, you can't count 100% on your product being on time because you don't have a clue if Shimano will release 2004 Dura-Ace by Interbike or not, so you can't spec your Dura-Ace bikes for your line until you have seen it, and you can't tell your dealers when they will be available until you have product in hand from Shimano. The same thing happened this year with 2003 XTR. Shimano took so long to release it that most companies continued to spec bikes with 2002 XTR. Bikes that used an XT group with an XTR rear derailleur most likely got a 2002 derailleur on them. (That's also because 2003 XT shifters are normal, while 2003 XTR derailleurs are Rapid Rise.)

Hope all that confusing talk clears this up for you.