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So, I bought my roadbike...(3 posts)

So, I bought my roadbike...indymac
May 5, 2003 8:09 AM
to help put miles on for riding the MTB. With all that is going on, my actual saddle time hasn't been as plentiful as I would like.

Although Sundays are usually reserved for the MTB when I am able to ride; this means driving about an hour to the nearest semblance of hour I didn't have yesterday.

The way I figured, it was a perfect opportunity to get out the IF and log some miles...and that's what I did. It wasn't a long ride (maybe 2 hours total), but it was quality. My HR was in Zone 1 for all but the beginning and a brief period at the end...quality training time...just what I bought the roadie for. However, I also found I was really digging it...the steady cadence...the smoothness...the feeling of speed achieved with minimal effort (perceived anyway).

It was a sunny day but it was windy...almost cool. It seemed most of the ride was into the wind but, at some point, I turned in a direction where the was little, or no wind. In this direction it also warmed and the legs felt strong, so I picked up the pace. The road was also smoother than most I had been riding. With no wind, a smooth road, and the increased cadence came a really enjoyable sound. The quiet hum of the tires on the road. I focused on it.

I decided quickly it was a new sound I love. Maybe the roadie may be more than just a trainer...
pump up the volumemohair_chair
May 5, 2003 8:24 AM
If you love that sound, try getting in the middle of a pack of 30-40 riders. The amazing sound of all those whirring wheels is something most people will never know.
I bought my first road bike on Saturday...Zenith
May 5, 2003 8:46 AM
...and promptly executed a nearly perfect horizontal track stand 20 minutes later... So the bike officially drew blood on its first time out and was thus christened. (Sheesh, I've been on clipless for over a year...)

I too decided on a road bike for MTB training purposes and because the nearest trails are still a car ride away. Riding the MTB on the roads was getting to be, literally, a drag.

After cleaning up my first skinned knee since 5th grade, I negotiated some scary Boston traffic and was almost overwelmed by thousands of "walk for hunger" participants going in the other direction... It was like fighting wave upon wave of slow-motion lemmings (at least its for a good cause). I started to long for my fat tires and suspension. Doubt began to creep in... maybe I should just skulk back into the brush like a shy MTB forest troll.

Finally I came upon a bike lane, on an lovely, newly paved, rolling road that followed the river. I finally relaxed and felt my new steed gathering strength and stability as she settled into her element. We sped along, both of us humming in the sunshine.

I just spun... and it was good.