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12x23, Mike P, et al.--Chatt 3 St 3 Mtn ride reports? nm(18 posts)

12x23, Mike P, et al.--Chatt 3 St 3 Mtn ride reports? nmJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 5:26 AM
re: 12x23, Mike P, et al.--Chatt 3 St 3 Mtn ride reports? nm12x23
May 5, 2003 6:49 AM
I did 3s/3m 5:26:27 and felt better (less worse?) than ever on Burkhalter. Met Mike P in the group between Suck Creek and Sand Mountain. I had to pee at Bryant, lost the 1st group, and spent most of the rest of the ride alone. I figure I would've been ejected down the road anyway. I did ride ~10 miles or so with a Chattanoogan (?) on a Lux 10 C40 who'd flatted twice and caught on to me around Trenton. He left me on the Unholy Rollers between Burkhalter and Lookout Mt, Tn. Mr C40 blazed down Lookout with a Powebar boot in his front tire sidewall !!!! I saw the cut as we were refilling bottles at the top of Burkhalter and must say he's a crazy man !!

I finished Cheaha 5:33:07. I felt pretty good early on, but discovered around mile 75 I used all my coupons Saturday, and thought my legs were going to catch fire the last 20 miles.
good times on both rides, but not surprisingJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 6:56 AM
not surprising, knowing that you climb like a columbian mountain goat. don't remember for sure, did you bring your serotta?

were you lucky enough to catch a tandem train at cheaha?

nice to see you (briefly, tho) at the 3/3. maybe next year i'll be able to do both rides (including cheaha), finally.

good times on both rides, but not surprising12x23
May 5, 2003 8:24 AM
I rode a 5900 with K's both days.

I rode in a group in the hills that included the two turbo tandems. I lost their wheel on the last descent of Cheaha, but before the 11 miles of short, steep hills .3 to .5 mile or so long that you deal with before and after Cheaha. It's amazing how fast they descend ! One of the tandems had Spinaci's on the handlebars. (My 141 lbs, verified by Tanita, wouldn't descend any faster than 49.6 regardless of how tucked I was). I finished those hills and most of Hwy 9 alone. Later, I spoke with the Litespeed tandem captain/pilot (?) and learned they finished at 5:11. They must've broken the speed limit on Hwy 9.

Same here, you really need to do the whole weekend next year. You'll surely require "medication" afterward.
3/3 Ride Report: "My Double Digit IQ" (loooong)JS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 7:41 AM
Alternate title: "I want my mommy"

of course my training partner (his name is J2) chided me into leaving the comfy cross-bike, triple chainring and XT/11-32, at home. he dropped his conversion van at my house on friday night, with rear row of seats removed and his bike & gear loaded. i loaded up and got a whopping 2.5 hours sleep before rising at 12:30 saturday AM and collecting his sleepy arse. we made the drive (~335 miles) in just over 4 hours with one stop for coffee. he made it 2 hours in the car before chasing some Zs.

as we couldn't find mcdonald's for a power breakfast, we fell-back on my double century routine: Krystal (like White Castle). they have small square burgers, and change the grill in the AM to make small square egg, sausage & cheese things on burger buns. power food, indeed.

registration for the ride was open early and i bumped into 12x23 in the pre-registered line. after the ride start, i would not see his skinny climbing butt again. last year and this, he followed a harrowing ride in chattanooga with the climb-fest that is the cheaha century, and i'd sure like to do the same next year.

we hit the first climb pretty quick, and indications were good that this ride would be a breeze with the Merckx (Campy 10 Speed, double chainring, 13-29 cassette, ~21 pounds FWIW). small-ringed up Suck Creek mountain mid-cluster, comfy, after my climbing legs woke up. i was happy to descent on the Merckx, it's steady as a beam, and the Chorus brakes are !muy fuerte!. mmmmmmm....Campan-yoolo!

weather was nice, overcast at times, 65*F or thereabouts at the start, and it warmed to around 80*F on the day, with little or no wind. of course you cross into Alabama for the Sand Mountain climb at around 50 miles into the route, and the roads go from acceptable to total sh!te. Sand deserved a little more work, and i rode it at a very slow pace with two of my comrades from mempho.

five of us met at the start on purpose, we all drove in from memphis, and just J2 and I would be driving up and back same day. we were happily joined by a female of the opposite sex (girl), also from elvisville, for the entire ride. she was strong, and had a good attitude. four of the five of us boys weigh in at a cumulative 890 pounds, and the fifth is a 140-pound "climbing specialist". of course we towed him to each of the climbs, where he unceremoniously waxed us (every time). my bud J2 was consistently "best of the rest", not because he's a good climber (210# masher), but 'cause he wasn't takin' no sh!te from the steeps on saturday.

Lookout Mountain loomed menacingly as we approached it, riding in its shadow for several miles. a little legburner on the cue brought us up and over and into an area called New England, a quaint few square miles of spacious farm houses and land situated in gentle rollers. a mini-sag (new addition last year) was placed at the turn onto Burkhalter Gap Road, the Lookout ascent proper. i found there was insufficient space in the porta-let to kneel and pray to the Bike Gods (or Eddy Merckx, if he was taking calls on Saturday), so that routine was missed this year. last summer i learned the value of Polar insulated bottles and cold water on a warm day, and emptied both, refilling one with icy cold H2O--it was empty by the top, mostly dumped through 24 vents atop my noggin.

Burkhalter--my nemesis, the one i (dejected) walked and upon which i wished for death in 2001--was no less challenging this year. last year it was surmountable with a 12-27, and a triple. this year it submitted to sheer meanness and low IQ. i stayed with my riding buds 'til it got a little steeper, then went up the road on my own, and "attacked" the false flat before "the wall" (the last 1/4-1/2 mile, where the real climbing waits). back to groveling 39/29 for the last few hundred meters.

climber "S" was done, traveling companion J2 also finished, as was our friendly female compatriot. my buds E and M were still work
the rest of the story, and another picJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 7:43 AM
climber "S" was done, traveling companion J2 also finished, as was our friendly female compatriot. my buds E and M were still working hard. quickly i refilled a bottle with icy water and rode back down most of the steep part, parked the Merckx along a guardrail, removed my shoes and socks, and played "screaming tifosi" for E, M, and everyone else who perhaps didn't realize how close they were to the top (the finish around a corner, out of sight). after a few minutes, J2, not to be upstaged, *rode* down to the false flat and back up the steep stuff again.

the pic included in this response was taken after E and M finished; i wasn't about to ride it again! there's some truth in the statement that Burkhalter is easier to ride than to walk, but getting back on the bike on a 12%+ grade is no easy task.

rollers atop Lookout wore on M, and he was cramping badly and asking for a "route status" several times in the last few miles before the Lookout descent. of course, he went out front on the descent and "let it all hang out", or as Ligget would say, was "clipping the grass verges" on the way down. i haven't the cojones for that kind of coasting. it was a smokin' descent, tho.

great ride; i give it a 9 out of a possible 10, one point deducted for some SAG shortages. there was pizza and beer at the finish.

here are some numbers:

total time 8h 23m
ride time 6h 50m
on bike avg 14.6
distance 100.1 miles
drive up 4.25 hours
drive back 4.75 hours (i slept 90 minutes)
it was a 23 hour day for J

I carried a small seatpack and two water bottles, and what would fit into jersey pockets--no camelbak, no overpacking, no baggage--rode "like a normal person", LOL. went into the 3/3 with a 2700 mile base for the year (since Jan 1), including several non-event centuries and the first 3 of a series of 4 brevets. this was my biggest mileage week ever, and from saturday 4/26 5 AM to saturday 5/3 4:30 PM i rode 500.88 miles, with an average speed of 17.4 mph.

thanks for reading!


[pic caption: the top of burkhalter gap. the pic does no justice to the gradient.]
oh, yeah: max speed on this ride was 48 mph (nm)JS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 8:01 AM
New motivationalSpecialTater
May 5, 2003 8:34 AM
wallpaper in this post.. "J Walking" is the title.

Look forward to attempting this with you and J2 next year. Sounds like a great ride. Look forward to hearing more about it Thurs. Is there a ride-on Saturday morn?
saturdayJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 8:50 AM
saturday i was planning a century+ with tha boys, but tha boss weighed in with a veto. so, i'll be starting at sunrise and riding 2-4 hours on the regular saturday route, perhaps with E, M, J2, S or R (R = you met him thursday night, he's on the Pegoretti).

the next saturday (5/17) we're riding 100+ starting at 7:30 AM, and that evening having a boy's night out / playstation 2 night in at my crib (the Haiku Shop); you are invited and expected, if your schedule permits. no girlz allowed. think playstation 2, 25" tv, and several hundred watts of surround sound. snacks will be served, RSVP, BYOB, and DTMM (don't touch my Merckx).
May 5, 2003 10:09 AM
Maybe this saturday. No to next Sat though it sounds like a blast. Thanks for the invite. I'm headed over to the White River for some trout/flyfishing. I understand the lure of hte PS2. I was up until the wee hours this weekend playing Xbox (Halo and freaking Ghost Recon--a scary real game). I missed my Sat ride due to oversleeping.
re: ghost reconJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 10:14 AM
been playin' that since i picked it up friday night. niiice.
re: 12x23, Mike P, et al.--Chatt 3 St 3 Mtn ride reports? nmMike P
May 5, 2003 9:53 AM
JS, missed you again! I did run into 12x23 though; my brain was in a haze so I wasn't able to chat too much.

I made it up Suck Creek pretty quick and, after decending, lucked into the freaking burnin' ring of fire paceline. I think maybe 10 - 15 or so folks rotating short pulls from the foot of Suck Creek to the foot of Sand Mtn. I think we were averaging around 25 MPH, or better. The pace was a bit high for me but I was really enjoying how things were moving so I kept with it. Did not drink near enough water though. Made it up Sand Mountain quicker than expected and wound up with 5 or so of the original group. I lost the entire group at the SAG on top of Sand Mtn; I had to pee, came out of the restroom and everyone was gone. How can these people do an entire ride without peeing? Do they not have a urinary tract or something? I rolled off alone and was caught soon by a group of 6 or 7. I stayed with them until Burkhaulter Gap, were every piece of muscle tissue between my knees and hips just pulled off my thigh bones like two good baby-back ribs; if I only had some BBQ sauce. I did make it up without walking. . . somehow. Rode cramped, trying to catch a group of 3 ahead, until I dropped my water bottle containing my go-juice. Recovered a bit dropping off Lookout and made it to the finish in ok shape.

5:23 by the clock, 5:19 ride time. I was shooting for 5:30 ride time. Enjoyed the pizza and beer at the finish.

That's haulin' arse, Mike.KG 361
May 5, 2003 9:58 AM
Good time. Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your son. I am still planning on doing the MOM ride. Hope you can make it.
M.O.M is still up in the airMike P
May 5, 2003 10:23 AM
Michael is doing better than I expected at this point. I guess I am finding it harder to deal with than he is and riding helps me so I have not completly scratched M.O.M. I am fairly certain I will be able to make the Cherohala Challenge in June though.

Anyway, I should know about M.O.M in the next day or so; results from todays bone marrow biopsy are due.

Hope the biopsy's results are good. I'll have him in my thoughtsKG 361
May 5, 2003 11:00 AM
echo that, Mike. nmJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 11:02 AM
Thanks guys! nmMike P
May 5, 2003 5:45 PM
nice ride! thanks for the report...nmJS Haiku Shop
May 5, 2003 10:13 AM