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Cramping Arches(3 posts)

Cramping Archesnicholasdunford
May 4, 2003 9:46 PM
I just posted about difficulty finding the right size cycling shoes and got lots of good advice. In my ranting I don't think I emphasized how bad my cramping arches have become in my mtn shoes with spds that I am using on my Lemond at the moment. I can barely go 10 miles, and I have tried insoles, cleat placement, pedaling style. This makes me very nervous thinking about buying new shoes, especially expensive ones that don't fit perfectly, because what if my arches keep cramping? The guys at the shop say that road shoes will help, but once again, it is an expensive gamble. Since you guys had such good comments on wide shoes, maybe you could give me advice on the cramping. Specifically it is the outside edge of my arch that cramps up severly.

Thanks again for all the help
re: Cramping ArchesJL
May 5, 2003 6:29 AM
Maybe a different pedal system? Something wider like Look or maybe Speedplays along with the road shoes could give you a firmer "base". What about cleat placement? Could you have the shop check that?

When I had that problem it was my insole pressing the wrong way on my right foot. I discovered that the Carnac insole had seperated and was moving in my shoe. Some double stick tape and all was well again. Sounds like you've already explored the insole/shoe thing, so maybe look at the pedals.

My $.02.

re: Cramping Archesmapei boy
May 5, 2003 11:14 AM
JL makes some good suggestions. Here's one that helped me elimimate my cramping... Stop wearing socks. When you aren't wearing socks, the sole of your foot is better able to grip the sole of the shoe. This eliminated the sliding of my foot within the shoe, something that caused my feet to become very fatigued and cramp-prone. Yes, you could just tighten your shoes down to the point where you have no foot movement, but then your feet would probably go numb. This is not a hot-spot/road vs. mountain pedal issue, by the way. When I wore socks, I was getting arch cramps no matter which bicycle I was riding.